Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Seasonal Bits and Bobs

It's time once again for a BITS and BOBS post that's really about nothing at all....
just odds and ends, really.

We had a mini ice storm..
mostly light rain with a little wintry mix,
but cold enuf to form a few icicles on the GREENHOUSE.

 These photos taken thru the window...
too darn cold to get outside ....

I bought this AMARYLISS bulb last week...

This is it on Dec. 1st...
they grow so fast and are so pretty...
 I hope it blooms by Christmas time..

AFTER they were iced, I forgot all about photos...'

I always take one roll and add just butter..no icing.

I think I like the POTATO PATTIES made from leftover mashed potatoes better
than the original thing...
It's a comfort food for me because my mom loved them, too,
and made them for us all the time.

Some of you may remember a  post I did last week showing these
When I asked Mr. Sweet to get some FLOUR
he thought I meant FLOWERS (if u missed the post, it's HERE)
after that funny incident, we replaced those with......

They are so pretty...
and....they did NOT come from Dollar General. LOL

Time to move all the FALLNESS around the Summer House to the storage bins.
I never decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving so now that's it AFTER,
it's time to start dragging out all the Christmas stuff
and have our house in total shambles for a few days.
OOO....the fun of it all..!!

I always say I don't have many fall decorations...
 until I start putting them away.

there's my little real
I don't want to pack it away...in a few weeks, I'm pretty sure it might start smelling up the place.

It's so cute, I wish I could preserve it.

Gotta get busy and get my CHRISTMAS GROOVE ON....



  1. It's looking all festive and happy in your house and I'll bet it smells delish!

  2. BJ, I know it is outside but I love the pretty icicles on the greenhouse. The orange cinnamon rolls look so good. I remember the plastic flowers that Mr Sweet brought back for you. The new flowers look very pretty. Happy Christmas decorating!

  3. Yes and amen about it being time to put away fall and welcome Christmas!! Your mashed potato pancakes gave me an idea. I might try frying up the leftover stuffing...hmmm...

  4. I love your bits and bobs!!!! I'm doing the same thing today - but first I must CLEAN! A clean house is easier to decorate than a messy one!

  5. No decorating here yet. I keep thinking - If I get it out, I have to put it back up later. Hope your amaryllis does bloom in time for Christmas, and at the rate it is growing it probably will. They are so pretty, as well as the oriental lilies.
    The orange rolls sound yummy.

  6. Those rolls look marvelous. I need to start decorating for Christmas very soon.... Perhaps later this week I can get the tree up and go on from there.

    God bless.

  7. You reminded me I need to dig up some of my bulbs and take them with me to my new place and plant them next Spring.
    Thanks Bj ! Looking forward to seeing your beautiful home all dressed for Christmas!

  8. A fun post - enjoy your Christmas decorating. How great to see that amaryllis poke through dirt. And I hope I don't hurt Mr. BJ's feelings by saying that the lilies are much, much prettier than the "flour" he brought from the dollar store.

  9. Jean, It all looks so pretty and good. I hate Winter...too cold. We have 2 greenhouses but I haven't put them up yet. I need too.

  10. My little pumpkin is being baked off today. I just cut it in half, scoop the insides out, place face down on foil lined pan, and bake at 350° until tender. Then I use the innards for making some pumpkin soup or muffins or whatever I feel like.

    Hear ye! Hear ye! You have ice and freezing in Texas before I do in Maine! =D

    Hope that we get a running report on the amaryllis.

  11. I love ' tater patties too!! Wow it looks cold there!! Time for snuggling and the holidays!!!

  12. With the ice, it will feel more like Christmas! I have decorated but will keep doing a little more each day. I put most of the mess away though....I can't stand it out for long. Love your pretty banner. I think I'll work on one too! Holiday hugs, Diane

  13. I just need one of those orange cinnamon rolls to go with my afternoon coffee!!

    Didn't know y'all got ice out west. :) Just lots and lots of rain here.

  14. Hi BJ, I wondered if that ice storm affected any of my blogger friends down there. It looks pretty nasty. I hear we may get some freezing rain overnight. It looks like you're on your way to Christmas decorating. I'm done but for the tree which has it's lights on but that's it. I'm making sure they don't die on me before the ornaments go on it. :) Have a great day.

  15. We have had more than our share of rain, but thankful not ice yet. Much colder Wednesday tho. You are something else. No matter what the subject, you make it sound so fun. Stay warm.

  16. Only rain for us, no ice or snow, yet! Stay warm!

  17. Okay BJ you got my taste buds craving a potato pattie!!! Enjoy decking your walls, I am going simple rustic this year. Plus with the renovation to the center part of the basement getting to my Christmas decorations in their tubs is mission impossible. So it's 2015 the year of rustic simplistic ;-)

  18. I am still chuckling over the flower not flour from the dollar store. The real one's are very pretty. I've got most of my Christmas up but still tweaking it and one more little tree in my bedroom to put up.

  19. What's wrong with pure butter on a cinnamon roll? The mashed potatoes look so good with all that good brownness on them. Mmmmm :) I'm looking forward to seeing your Christmas decorations!

  20. BJ, Glad that ice was not too much...I hate ice storms...so much damage can happen. I love your rolls. They look good. I did get all my fall things put away and not working on Christmas decorating. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  21. oh yum, potato patties. I know I should know...but I don't. Will you share your recipe? And yes, it is time to get your Christmas groove on girl! ha. Sheila

  22. forgot to say...the flour / flower story is so cute. I am not there yet...except for today, my hubby picked up Press and Seal wrap in stead of the plastic Saran wrap. Both have a yellow box! ha. Sheila

  23. Your looking pretty good over there. I have decided to start Christmas decorating next year in September as I am slow at getting it all together! Hope the ice stays away from you the rest of the year.

  24. Br-r-r! The icicles almost made my teeth chatter! I loved seeing your 'real' Oregon pumpkin. It reminded me that you were in my beautiful state for a bit and I'm so glad you came. I haven't started to decorate for Christmas. The bins aren't even down from the attic yet. My sweetheart was away for ten days and since he returned a few days ago there has been much to keep him busy. In the meantime I'm getting inspiration from my blog friends!

  25. I'm decorating too. I wish I had some of those rolls. The potatos look soooo yummy to. It was cold here but thank godness no ice.
    Hope your week is going well!

  26. I always love your bits and bobs posts,bj. They are some of my favorite posts of yours. I hope to drag out Christmas tomorrow. I have a sick grandgirl here for a day or so---so we shall see. I did get all my outside lights and decorations up though so that feels good.

    I had a lot of those fried potato cakes when I was a kid on the farm, too. My father liked them with a bit of bacon drippings on them....lol oh my! xo Diana

  27. We hadn't had much of an ice storm yet. Some cold winds are the worst so far

  28. Shambles is right. Decorating for Christmas leaves the house a DISASTER for a solid five days around here. I almost got it all finished today. Phew.

  29. How funny and sweet in regards to the flour's flowers. xoxo Su

  30. Love all your " bits and bobs" . . .
    I'm getting my "decorating groove" on too . . .
    But wanted to say . . .
    Happy December days . . .

  31. I'm with you, BJ. Started decorating this past Sunday for Christmas, putting all the fall stuff away, and forgot the wreath on the back door. We now have two boxes of stuff to put up outside, when hubby gets a chance to get into the decorating with lights and we have a warmer day. Have a good week!

  32. My Mom called the leftover potato pattys potato pancakes. I still make them to use up leftover mashed potatoes. Love the amaryliss. Can't wait to see the Christmas decorations!

  33. Hi bj, love the potato patties. When we lived in Lubbock the first winter's snowfall was 67 inches. That was 1980. Do you remember that? Everyone said we brought it with us from Michigan. Your amaryllis is beautiful. Such a fast grower. Have fun decorating and getting ready for our blog hop tour. Happy December! xo

  34. Here in Georgia we are having rather warm weather. I would love to see a bit of snow & icicles on our house.
    It's on its way I am sure :) Maybe a white Christmas :)

    The plants look great! Good job!
    I did read your post on `flour`
    It's fun to have real flours :) ooops....flowers

    Have a great day! Enjoy the weather and have fun decorating.
    Do you take yours down on Jan. 1st...as some do?


  35. Wow ice in Texas. Stay indoors and keep warm. Good luck with your Christmas decoration. After 5 days I have mine all done, inside and outside. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  36. Hi BJ Sorry you had trouble tracking me down My regular blog is http://eclecticshorebird.blogspot.com/ My Christmas blog is http://susieschristmascottage.blogspot.com/

  37. Burr, thankful we didn't get that wintery mix here, but they are predicting it to drop into the 30s tonight.
    All the pumpkins here were tossed over the bluff into the wooded area this afternoon. Guess the critters will soon enjoy their own belated Thanksgiving. Ha!
    Love your new header!

  38. Mmmm... your potatoes remind me of something my mom used to do. She would slice left over boiled potatoes and fry them. It was such a treat as a kid and always seemed there was never enough. Now that I think about it... of course that was because she just made them from a couple of potatoes.
    Your orange cinnamon rolls look delicious too!

  39. Love your potpourri of sights and smells that fill your house!

  40. Hello, dear Lady.... Stacey is at 204 Franklin st. Marshville, NC 28103....
    ... a pleasant weekend to you and yours...

  41. I make Irish potato cakes and I use leftover mash as well. Love it.


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