Sunday, November 29, 2015

~Thanksgiving, 2015 ~

This is a weird post as I started it BEFORE Thanksgiving 
and added things to it AFTER the fact....
I would have sworn I'd posted this but.....
so here's a bit of our THANKSGIVING, 2015

What a famous painting...Mr. Rockwell had such a heaven-sent talent...

happy faces around their table....

We are blessed to have TOO MANY for one single table.

...lots of smiles and eating..

Our turkey turned out so pretty...and really moist and tasty.

 I rub the turkey with herbed butter, under the skin, all over the skin and all in the cavity.....

the dressing and gravy is what I like the best
...OOO..and the hot buttered rolls.

A granddad (our David) and his little fella, PATRICK
Patrick said "Memaw " for the first time on Thanksgiving Day...yay

There's nothing better than
This year, we will be having a SMOKED SPIRAL HAM
to go along with the turkey and all the trimmings. help satisfy the MEN in the family,
bar-b-q sausage.
The ham nearly brought us to our good
and the sausage ....well, we didn't have any leftovers of the sausage. 

Isn't this the most luscious thing you've ever seen...
I will make this, for sure, for my family...

and the 

My salad didn't get PURPLE .....
but it was delicious.

We always do BUFFET STYLE when we are all together..
sooo fun ...

I'm going to also make 
You'll find her recipe here.

I made them and they were delicious.

 I LOVE red potatoes....
The potatoes were really good and I made a LARGE batch...
I love using leftover mashed
potatoes for

We aren't having sweet potatoes this Thanksgiving...
going to save that special dish that all of us love for Christmas.
I get tired of the same foods so close together.
With all the food we had, no one seemed to miss the SWEET POTATOES.

This is the first time I've baked BAILEYS PUMPKIN PIES

Now, as you might know,
is an alcoholic  drink...
not a strong one but, alcohol non the less.

I love a swig of it in my coffee....

Well...these pies were the only DISAPPOINTMENT of the entire meal.

O, they are OK...just not anything to write home about...
not nearly as good as the old fashioned original PUMPKIN PIE.
OK...I had to give it a try.

...a grandma doing a dance with CATE

While the pies were baking, I made little loaves of
nice little treats for Christmas gifts......
by this time, I am getting tired...
the kitchen is getting HOT ...

with such pretty weather this November, I was able to throw open the windows..
Today, 11/27, it is rainy with a wintry mix and C.O.L.D.

This wine glass I am using is so good at SELF CONFIDENCE....

just to name a few.  

What a pretty daughter we have.....
and her heart is even prettier. extra special photo of her and her daddy...11/26/2015

Two of the most handsome and sweet guys in my life...
Jent...and ...David

I have to tell you, folks....

CATE loves crafts.... and we love CATE...

OK, we come !
Love to all, bj

Just in.,....a favorite Thanksgiving photo.....


  1. What a lovely Thanksgiving you had, BJ. Glad you were surrounded by family and blessed with happiness!

  2. Your words tell a story of family togetherness, love, happiness, laughter, and yummy food. I could read it all over again, it's sooo good!!!

  3. What a lovely post. I think I wanted to try every recipe I saw... Your day looked fabulous. How was the Ro-tel, corn, black-eyed pea dish? Is there something else in there? Sounds so different, and I cannot wait to try the Millionaire salad. I loved what you said about your daughter and her good heart. I would love it if someone thought that of me... 'n my black heart! lol... just kidding, but I have changed so much, it seems. Not for the better. Boo hoo...

  4. Looks like all had a great Thanksgiving, Bj. All that food, yummy, I'm sure none of it went to waste!
    I always buy red potato's they are the best.We eat buffet style also.
    There is nothing like family getting together and sharing love!
    Have a great Sunday!

  5. What a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with your family and oh, so much lovely and yummy food to enjoy! Have a beautiful Sunday!

  6. Oh such a happy day! Lots of preparation, but just look at those photos...they say it was worth all the work. Thank you for explaining about the pies that were a disappointment. They look so good, but I'll steer clear. My daughter has been by every day for leftover pie. She thinks she had the last piece of pecan pie yesterday. I am going to surprise her by baking the pecan squares...easier than pie! Thanks for the link...

  7. Lovely . . .
    Yummy . . .
    Everything . . .
    Happy Thanksgiving Day past to you and your beautuful family!

  8. I think it is spelled BEAUTIFUL . . .

  9. What a fun "visit"with you and your sweet family for Thanksgiving! I saw that recipe for Bailey's Pumpkin pie but decided to do the I am glad I did. Everything looks great and that cranberry dish sounds delicious.
    Happy after Thanksgiving to you, bj. xo Diana

  10. I read this post with great interest. You show so much of what I think a real American Thanksgiving should be. You are generous to share your photos and recipes like you do. I will definitely be trying some of the recipes, now with Christmas coming up. Thanks and take care.

  11. nice pictures of your Thanksgiving

  12. What a bountiful, beautiful Thanksgiving! I clicked for the pictures first, going across and looking my eyes full of all the rich colours and shines, and then scrolled down the words with the pictures---such a wonderful day with all your lovely family.

    I gave an out-loud HA! when I got to the window---folks up here in the Heartland don't get it when I tell them that in all my Thanksgivings in the Hot South, we had to turn on the A'C just to have the oven on for turkey and dressing. What a splendiferous day!!

    We're having ours in a few hours---our local bunch will be here for the traditionals---I made most of the prep yesterday, and have the sweet potatoes cooked and the custard all mixed, the cornbread made and the onion and celery "chipped up fine" as my Mammaw used to say, and all the casseroles ready to pop in the oven while Chris gets that big ole turkey on the grill for a few hours.

    I can see you had a glorious day, and will wish you such a blessed, prosperous, happy Christmas season.


  13. It was a wonderful day! Beautiful post Mom!

  14. You had a wonderful day surrounded by your family. That salad looks very interesting, I will have to check it out.

    God bless.

  15. What a beautiful day spent with lovely family and yummy food! My mouth is watering.

  16. Your family is amazing. All the food looked so delicious. I know you all had a wonderful time. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  17. So warm and lovely and happy! Your beautiful family looks like they were having a wonderful time. And what a fabulous feast!

  18. Loved your share BJ, I felt I was there with your family! Me too ... cornbread stuffing. Wow that's a lot of yummy food!

  19. That's looks like a perfect Thanksgiving!

  20. BJ,
    So fun to read this post today. What a great family you have. The food oh my gosh so yummy all of it. Sorry the pie did not come out great. I guess you cannot replace the original pumpkin pie! Glad you had a wonderful time all together. Now on to the holiday rush. Just goes too fast.

  21. BJ, I'm glad you posted this. It's heart warming to see your beautiful family gathered together to share in Thanksgiving. Don't you just love a full house? Of course I'm loving all those B & W tablecloths. Where did you find them?

  22. What a wonderful day you had with your darling family. Loved all of the photos and the recipes. Am going to try that corn, peas and Rotel dish. Sounds like something I would really like.

    Thanks for sharing.


  23. Wow, seems lots of fun! I hope you had a great holiday :) Thanks for sharing with us.

  24. Everything looks fantastic! I Know it was delicious as well...
    Yes, here comes Christmas!

  25. How could it not be just perfectly wonderful with so much good food and lovely family? Everything is beautiful. I want to try those pecan pie bars. Just did not have enough pecan to bake it for Thanksgiving ... but will for Christmas.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  26. BJ, Happy faces and plenty of good food and fun...what could be more Rockwell than that.? Your family is a good looking bunch. I am curious to what was so funny in the last photo .Loved that. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  27. This looks like a perfect Thanksgiving get together to me! What fun!!!! You have a beautiful family!

  28. It looks like you really know how to have fun! Wonderful celebration!

  29. Looks and sounds like your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving together and tons of wonderful food.
    Family meals are served up buffet style here also.
    A cold, wet, dreary day here also - looks like Winter has arrived. :-/

  30. Looks like a great time! I love that family photo!

  31. Great pictures. Looks like everyone ate well.


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