Saturday, November 7, 2015

My New Love ♥



Have you seen it in all the stores..?
In all the catalogs...?

It's every where and I am lovin' it...

POTTERY BARN loves it, too....
(these are pictures I took of THEIR pictures out of their catalog and not too good...
but, you get the PLAID POINT....)

I want just the shams ....

Christmas ornaments...
so cute and so expensive...

A gorgeous throw...

...even luggage
(I wouldn't buy anything like the luggage..
so expensive and by next year, it would be dated...)

I am tempted to buy a plaid stocking, tho....:)

I HAVE bought a few SMALL things in the RED & BLACK PLAID ...

A WINTERTIME  small rug...I love his PLAID hat....
(I'll probably hang it on a wall somewhere once wintry weather arrives...)

... gift wrapping.,,

...the cutest little LAP THROW .....

It helped my black wicker chair that needs a new paint job
in 2 seconds.....
 gotta love it....

I hope you have a
PLAID LOVIN'  kind of day.....

better LATE than NEVER...:)

So sorry that I forgot to add where I purchased the 
Christmas rug....
and they have several PLAIDS you might like.  


  1. And of course, who wouldn't love red and black plaid? It's so bright and warm and happy looking. Puts you in the winter mood.

    It would even make November a nice month. and it takes a lot, to make Nov. a nice month, in my book. It's kinda' dark and rainy and cold, in my neck of the woods. But with red and black plaid!!!!! Now that's different. :-)

    Happy Plaid Love!!!


  2. I think it's the most classic plaid color, I like it

  3. Love plaid and think that throw is fabulous!

  4. Yes! Loving all the plaid goodness for the holidays.

  5. Red & Black Plaid is this year's colour theme? I love it! Love all the plaid items. Have a beautiful day!

  6. Bright and cheery, just what you need for Christmas time. love it on your black chair.

  7. Loving all the plaid. Where did you get that cute little snowman rug??? Adorable!!!

  8. There's something about the somber cheer of the red-and-black that just calls us in the Fall, I think---red plaid SHOULD be flannelly, should be wooly, with a wholesome comfort to its sturdy weaves and colours.

    It will always be the symbol to me of a dear, dear friend, whose decorating and style and panache were so vivid and memorable---she was petite and chic and sparkly and SO vivacious---all the things I'm not---and she entertained a lot in that immaculately-decorated house. Several of her rooms were the solid red of the plaid, and the powder room in the entertaining area was papered in the red plaid, with black Scotty-dog accents in a valance, the front of a small chest in the corner, framed pictures on the wall.

    I thought it supremely dashing and fashionable, in a "Look at HER elan" way, for I'd never dare to attempt such verve in my own floral-pillows and Battenberg life, but it was what they call SMASHING. It is still a memory of the exciting, fun life she lived, traveling to New York every season for the fashions, at Christmas for the shows and to get hair cut by Mr. Something---that was such a kind of luxury to me. I could have gone and done those very things---could this minute, if the spirit moved, but it was just such a part of a life so close, yet so apart from mine.

    She lived that brief candle, living life to the very lees, and I still miss her after all these years. And I still have the picture of her in my heart---the one on the front of the beautiful book handed out at her funeral---standing in front of the Rock Ciry Christmas tree, her smile as bright as the twinkling lights.

    Well---that's me and red plaid---memories of such a kind, fun, sweet witty friend. Thank you for the reminder, here in the beginning of "her" season of the year---I may just have to get just ONE plaid ornament this year, to hang amongst our own twinkling lights.


  9. BJ,
    Gosh I adore your new header. Was at Target last week and they had affordable Red plaid. You are right it is a big fad this year and will be splashed on all print media for Christmas. Your chair looks sweet with the plaid lap throw. I think a plaid stocking would look charming.
    Years ago I had a pair of jeans and the cuffs were made with turned up red plaid and the back pockets were made with plaid. I wore those jeans to threads! Wish I had them now.

  10. Love the plaid too BJ. That throw looks so cozy.

  11. I love the plaid that I'm seeing everywhere this season. I'm almost tempted to change the décor in our bedroom for the season but now I have a new trailer to decorate so I'd better keep my focus there. In the meantime I'll enjoy your red and everything I see in the stores.

  12. I've been thinking of getting the mohair red tartan throw to brighten up my white slip covers for the holidays!
    Pendleton does some authentic Scottish tartan beauties - but the Pottery Barn version is gorgeous and looks so cozy.

    Tartan reindeer are fun too - but I promised myself no more ornaments this year, I just don't need them!
    Cheers - Mary

  13. Love plaid for Christmas and this seems to be the trend this year. Love those reindeer. Tooo sweet.

  14. BJ, I have always loved plaid. Red plaid at Christmas is just wonderful. That little rug is a keeper. Once my daughter had a plaid shirt I just loved...I told her I had found one just like it at Goodwill and bought it. She said, "mom, that is probably my old shirt, I just took it to Goodwill !" LOL. We still laugh about that shirt. Blessi8ngs, xoxo,Susie

  15. Very pretty and fun. I've never been in a Pottery Barn, before.

  16. Love all the Scotch plaid pattern and the red and black buffalo check too!
    That bag is SMASHING -- i may have to look into that a little further?!!

    So thrilled you could link up with the Tartan Parade, BJ!
    Such a pleasure to have you join the rest of us plaid obsessed bloggers~


  17. I think I nearly fainted dead away when I read the above comment about the person never having been in a Pottery Barn store before. I am pretty much ready to just move into Pottery Barn. I am in love with plaid this year as well, and am swooning over PB's plaid plates. Fun blog post, thanks for the inspiration.

  18. BJ, happy you joined the Parade! Yes, I love seeing plaids and tartan out and about this year. Truly makes my heart sing. As for the bag. t's a classic. II don't think it will ever go out of style. ;-)
    Hope you find some to add to your home for winter. I'm snuggled under a tartan throw as I type. It's wet and cold here today.

  19. I love tartans, probably the Scots blood in me coming out. Thinking perhaps after Christmas a knitted black and red tartan throw would be the perfect thing to curl up under.

    God bless.

  20. I love it!! I like plaid and red is my favorite color :)
    These Christmas ornaments are sooooo cute

  21. Loving the Christmas plaid ... takes me right back to my childhood!
    Heck, if someone gave me that carrier bag, I wouldn't give a you-know-what about it being dated. 'Just hate to let the airline luggage carriers touch it!

  22. I have always, always, always loved plaid, bj. I really love it as Fall sets in. I always had plaid wool skirts and matching sweaters. oh it...xo Diana

  23. Good choice color that fits right in with you decor. The throw is lovely and you will enjoy snuggling up in that this winter.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  24. BJ, I had a fit over the black and red buffalo plaid, too. I'm putting it in the master bedroom. Love all of your inspiration photos!

  25. Loving all that plaid! I will have to see if I can find me some.

  26. BJ,
    Plaid is definitely the "Thing" for Christmas this season!! LOVE how it looks on your black wicker chair!! There are some beautiful Red Cardinal plates in Wegman;s that have this red and black plaid back ground. I just may have to get me some of those!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  27. I feel a red plaid Christmas coming on. My favorite dress when I was about 4 is plaid with a scottie dog on it. The two just go together.

  28. I agree the black and red is stunning!

  29. PLAID blew into 2015 in a blast!
    I have never seen so much plaid "this and that!"
    I do love the red and black . . . and I must admit, I got caught up in all the "marketing" and purchased a "comfy red/black cape like poncho something or another" which will no doubt take a back seat in style next year!
    Pottery Barn catalog sure brings us some "eye candy!"
    Loved your black wicker chair all dressed up!

  30. I'm lovin all that plaid too. Love your throw-looks so cozy in your black chair!

  31. I'm loving all,the plaid inspiration, bj! Your plaid throw sure brightened up your wicker chair and makes it look all cozy for Winter time.

  32. I am LOVING the plaid this year too. :) This post made me smile. Just the other day I bought a cute red and plaid hat for my little guy. Looking forward to doing a post on his hat soon. :) I LOVED your little snowman rug. That was a FUN find.

    1. I meant red and black plaid not red and plaid......oops!

  33. There is a lot of plaid around this year - have you checked the ornaments at Target? I spied a few plaid ones there the other day! These plaids remind me of sleigh rides in the snow!!!

  34. I've always loved red and black plaids!! Your ideas are great!! Love the throw!

  35. much plaid out there. I need to get to town/city. I want to shop...but live in rural Ky. Ha! That keeps me from spending too much, but I want some plaid pillows, and I don't really want to make them with my plaid remnant! Ha. Sheila

  36. I love all your plaids, BJ. I plan to do a plaid theme for Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving, if I don't get to interact with you before then.....Christine

  37. LOVE the look! Oh yes, Target is covered up with plaid:) I was fortunate to be there when they were giving away their new tote! Have a blessed day dear B.J. HUGS!

  38. Love the plaids. I don't go to target that often but I've seen their plaids on the t.v. ads. Have a blessed day. Madeline


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