Friday, November 13, 2015

My Good Jam is All Gone....

Some of you may remember that I was OUT OF MY MIND
when I bought only one jar of this amazing RASPBERRY JAM while 
on our OREGON trip last month...

and...not only did I buy just ONE JAR....
but it's the BEST jam I've ever had in my whole loooong life.

I've always liked jelly or jam on my BUTTERMILK PANCAKES
better than syrup..

Mr. Sweet rolls his eyes so far back when I do this,
I wonder if he will ever seen again.

I am so enjoying the BITTERSWEET 
LYNNE sent to me...
...see how pretty it looks here.
It still blows my mind that this beautiful vine grows wild....
I love it.

Thank you again, Lynne...

The jam was sooo good on these pancakes... 
or was it....the pancakes were sooo good with this jam.

Another eye-roller for Mr. Sweet...
he likes big thick slabs of HAM with bone in...

I prefer those thinner slices and browned just right.
He says they are too dry...I say that's just the way I like it, uh Hu.....uh Hu...

Thanks so much for stopping by...

I hope this week is going good for you.

Sending love and prayers to all....



  1. I think raspberry jam is my favorite. Sorry you only bought one jar of that jam!!
    I really want a pancake right now with or without jam!

    1. BJ, Maybe you could order some more of that jam...there seems to an address on the label. You just made me laugh talking about your husband's eye rolling. :):) Bittersweet grows like crazy on Martha's Vineyard...they call it an invasive plant there...I tried to tell them,we go places to buy it here...that we decorate with it , funny huh? It looks great with your pretty mats. Blessings for a fun weekend, xoxo,Susie

  2. BJ contact Bernards Farm after that glowing testimonial told through beautiful photography I'm sure they will ship to you. Your pancakes look delicious and made with love. Hey BJ tell Mr, Sweet I only eat Turkey un cured Ham steaks and when his eyes roll around in his head snap a photo for me and email me it!
    Happy weekend,

  3. BJ, your breakfast looks tasty! I do love all kinds of jam. I've never had it on pancakes but I will surely try it now!

  4. Love, love, love raspberries in any way shape or form. Just wish I had the room to grow them.

    God bless.

  5. I rarely eat pancakes, but I am another one that likes something like jam, preserves, etc. on them. Like thin sliced ham also. Your
    breakfast looks yummy.
    I suspect your hubby would roll his eyes at a lot of things I like to eat.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  6. Raspberry jam is hands down the BEST.

  7. I need to spend some time making jam this winter. I put the berries in the freezer to take care of later, and later's almost here!! It all looks so delicious. I think our deer hunting gun season begins next week.

  8. Your pancakes and jam look delicious so those the ham. Your photos are always so good. Have a blessed evening. My prayers are with all the people of France. Madeline

  9. I think you need to call Bernard Farms and order some of that jam . . .
    Just for YOU!
    You are so sweet . . . I am so happy you love the Bitter Sweet . . .
    Isn't it a pretty orange berry when it bursts out in color!
    It was so much fun to surprise you . . .

  10. I love raspberry jam, too. And I make it every summer. It's easy peasy. It's so good on biscuits and pancakes and toast! YUM!

  11. Yummeee! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  12. Time for you to make some jam, even if you must make it with frozen berries. You fry that thin ham? Ouch! It hurts when I roll my eyes that way! =D

    I love the way you show your sensitivity to world events. It is just so shocking what went on in Paris today. Scary stuff.

  13. I love raspberry jam too, but must say those pancakes look pretty darn good!

  14. Now you have me wanting some of that raspberry jam! LOL! I love ham too and a nice fluffy pancake! Gosh, I better have a good breakfast tomorrow morning and get some good rest tonight. LOL! Take care and thank you for sharing your yummy jam.

  15. Oh no!!! I would have hoarded it and not shared any. ;)

  16. Oh, dear friend---your breakfast posts drive me insane!! Does the jam jar have a website on it? I have found that when I love a product from food to soaps from another place, I can usually order it.

    Jane x

  17. Jam on pancakes -my Scandinavian genes are perking up and saying YUM! Here is the number for the farm Call now!!!!(503) 472-4933

  18. I just looked the their site. Love it.

  19. Go right ahead and use the Pray For Paris on your sidebar.

    God bless.

  20. BJ, Pancakes taste better with jam than with syrup. I too love thinner sliced ham and slightly browned. Your breakfast looks yummy!

  21. Yum on the jam. Still cannot believe you only bought one jar.

  22. Oh my bj, your b'fast looks delicious. So does the jam! Have you checked to see if you can order it online?
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    I like you Paris prayer……………...

  23. You know, I think I have to agree with Mr. Sweet re: the pancakes with jam and thick ham slices! :) Thanks for making me smile ~ it's been a rough week.


  24. Looks so yummy! Maybe you can order them on line. Thanks for stopping by, BJ. Yes, we are enjoying our stay in FL but we are in MS right noe to prepare for final move....Christine

  25. So sad that you only bought one, but I did a search and they have a website that says that during the winter they send gift boxes with their goodies far and wide . You might be able to contact them and order some more :)

  26. Hello bj, YUM! It is dinner time and I could sure eat some pancakes and raspberry jam and ham. If only I had some. Smile. I'm afraid we are having tomato soup and grilled cheese instead, Lol. We are rushing to go to the Performing Arts Center to see The Adams Family. It is a local theater group that is so outstanding in everything they do. Can't wait.

    We are so sad about Paris. I can't believe it was just over a couple of weeks ago when we flew home from Paris. We purposely stayed a long way from Paris because I was afraid of the unrest there. There were armed soldiers in the airport in France carrying guns at the ready. I am so thankful to be home safe and sound. Our prayers go out to the people in France.

    Have a good week and buy some more raspberry jam. LOL

  27. I'm with you bj ... I like jam or jelly on my waffles (don't like pancakes) ... and I'm with Mr. Sweet about the ham. I made some plum jam this year and I have two jars left, kinda saving those for something special ... wish I have more plums.

  28. Thank god Joel doesn't read all the blogs I do as I know he'd be asking why we don't eat this way at breakfast. All he gets is toast and fruit or yogurt and fruit. He'd be upset to learn there is another world out there - much more appetizing to wake up to!! ;-)

  29. Never thought of jam on pancakes, although when I think of it, I remember making a wonderful blueberry syrup with jam and blueberry pie filling (and maple syrup. Yum!

  30. BJ,
    I still can not believe you only bought o n e jar, dear friend!!!
    Glad you enjoyed every last drop!!!
    I, too, l o v e jam on my pancakes with a dusting of powdered sugar!!!
    Thanks for sharing. . .and write the Company for some more jam!!!


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