Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lil' Green Apples

 On Sunday, I made

the recipe called for about 8 apples, I think, but my little
GRANNY SMITHS were so tiny, I thought about 12 would make the pie nice and full....

I love baking with Grannies...they are tart and blend so well with cinnamon and SUGAH......

I'm pretty sure it took me about 2 hours to get these all peeled...
but it COULD have been that I played around a little too much, probably.

I had just watched an episode of ANDY OF MAYBERRY
(which I do a lot when the stress of todays news has me reaching for
another blood pressure pill)
he was peeling an apple on the beautiful farm house front porch and
doing it all in one continues peel...
I had to work at it but I finally got 'er done.
and, yes, I KNOW it's a mighty small apple ....

 I ended up putting a crumble on top of my GIANT pie...
lots of butter and sugar and cinnamon...O MY

It turned out just beautifully and

I know for a fact that it's GOOOOD...
I just had to give it a tiny taste.
 While it was baking, I put together my HERB BUTTER
to rub all over that big turkey thawing in my fridge.

No recipe here...I just used 2 sticks of butter,
garlic salt, chives, pepper, salt,, can't remember just what all.

Put it in the fridge so all the flavors could marry
and it will make the turkey tastes so good.
Other fun things to do with
 "Lil' Green Apples"...

...on a mirror....strictly FOR FUN

Copy-cat a beautiful wreath that you found in a magazine...
(I want to try this again...I can do better the next time)

...make an awesome CHICKEN SALAD...
the walnuts and tart apples with a few cranberries thrown in
will have you wanting TWO sandwiches...

I just heard on the news about the CHICKEN SALAD at COSTCO
making people sick with Ecoli.
I would be careful buying chicken salad from anywhere...just make it at home.

XOXO, bj 

I won't be posting for a few days...then, I'll post more about ourTHANKSGIVING.

Also closing comments so YOU can rest, too.