Sunday, November 1, 2015

...just a bit more HALLOWEEN, ya'll

One day of HALLOWEEN 
 is never enuf to get in all the photos of 

so kindly hang with me a bit longer for some more 

THIS headless fella is our son, DAVID....

I am almost certain HE had more fun than ANYone....

This was his "stance" until we told him, "kids coming"

  ...then he became a
...he would stand so still that most of the kids thought he was a decoration...

at first....LOL 

he wouldn't move at all if there were tiny little ones...

  but he delighted in scaring the older ones....and the grownups....


 Kathy had tubs of chips, candy and fun stickers.....

I haven't seen so many kids out on Halloween in years and years...

it was sooo fun to see them.

A group pic of some of the kids (and DAVID) in the neighborhood....


 This is BRYNNA...
Have you EVER seen a more beautiful skeleton  in your life....????

AND the amazing thing,
she did this awesome makeup HERSELF...
She is one talented 18 year old.


Here she is between DEEDS and the handsome Indian, BROOKS....

"You always come up with the cutest ideas for dressing up, Brooks...I love this.."

AND, along came the little people in the family....

Cutest little HARRY POTTER..
and his big sis, CATE.

He's walkin' and talkin' 
and he won't be ONE YR. OLD until 
December 3rd..

MICAH, the mother of the LITTLE  CHICKEN  MAN that can see 
out of only ONE eye here....
and moi had to get in on the picture.... 

 BAILEY KAY getting attacked by 
the Headless Horseman.....

It was a great HALLOWEEN NIGHT here.
Hope yours was, too... 



  1. BJ, What wonderful costumes. Even little chicken man. so cute. Your son cracked me up , the way he was standing to scare people. Glad you go in on the fun too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Looks like a lot of fun was had. Great costumes. Love the headless man.

  3. Lots of great costumes, and looks like lots of fun for all. The little chicken - so cute. The headless man would have scared me. LOL

  4. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all. So festive and cutest kids. Sheila

  5. Great costumes. Fun was had by all. Where I live we do not have the trick-or-treaters any more. Have a blessed evening.. Madeline

  6. WOW, lots of kiddos. We only get about 50 and they were so cute. Our's do not start until it gets dark. The headless man was good. I think he had a lot of fun too.
    Have a great week.

  7. Wow and Wow and WOW! That headless costume is freaking ME out! That is fantastic and I bet he scared the Bejeebers out of some people! lol Those are all great costumes and those little ones are as cute as can be.
    Happy Halloween just a day late to you- xo Diana

  8. quite the costumes. That skeleton makeup is unbelievable. amazing!

  9. It looks like so much fun!
    Great weather too . . .
    We had wind and constant rain . . .

  10. Oh what fun you must have had. I love your blog look. We had fun too. The pirates visited. My Cowboy dressed as a Pirate in a dress. LOL. it was very well 'weird'.
    Have a good week.

  11. What a lot of fun you had!!! Next year I'm going to give NON candy items like the chips and sickers your Kathy had in addition to a little candy. The quads favorite treat was Cheetos!
    You all looked GREAT!!! Fun! FUN!!!

  12. Wow some of them are scary! Love the little Harry Potter. It looks like it was so much fun. xoxo Su

  13. I bet that costume was hard to see out of

  14. Sleepy hubby watches the show, but I think it's really corny. My grandson and his friend were Harry Potter characters.

  15. Oh my goodness! WHAT FUN!!! My grandson (age 7) has just gotten into loving the Headless Horseman. I bought the book for him and one of our first trick-or-treaters was dressed like your son. He just went nuts! Halloween is so much family fun - and I see you really enjoyed every minute of it!

  16. Great share, fun creative costumes, your headless son was quite a fright I imagine!


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