Saturday, November 28, 2015's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS...

Hello, everyone...
we only have to take ONE GIANT STEP
from Thanksgiving straight to CHRISTMAS....

I have always Christmas shopped very early...

I've always shopped sales all year long for Christmas gifts..

I still do the same thing..'s just what you get to do when you are blessed
with a wonderfully large family.... 

AND....besides all that,
I just delight in finding things I KNOW they will like and
I have to give it THOUGHT, ya know.
Online shopping, no tax, free shipping, is SUCH a delight.

If I wait until DECEMBER to start shopping,
I get in a rush and sometimes end up not liking what I bought.

EARLY is the only way for me.....:)
It's fun...
it spreads out the money over time and not so hard on the pocket book...
and I can relax thru the Christmas holiday. 

As of 11/27/15, 
I am almost totally FINISHED with my shopping.
NOW...I must say right here that the ONLY CHRISTMAS decoration
 I have put out is.....
  my SANTA Kleenex box.
(i have always just LOVED cute Kleenex boxes and always search for the cutest ones.) 

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  1. Going through your post gives me the feel of Christmas. I still have not decided whether to put up my Christmas tree or not. Lol! Over here, we celebrate on a low scale. Have a happy weekend!

  2. Love your kleenex box Bj ! Your post gets me in the Christmas mood to decorate, but I may not be doing any (or much) this year since I'll be moving in a couple weeks.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I always knew that you are a smart cookie. No shopping done here, No Christmasy Kleenex box. I'd better get cracking!

  4. Pretty much done Christmas shopping and crafting. Now comes the wrapping, getting the tree up, and then the relaxing.

    God bless.

  5. Same here:) I start shopping early and my shopping is close to being finished! I love this time of year and look forward to lots of Family time! Have a blessed day dear B.J. HUGS!

  6. I do the same thing, BJ. The only ones on the late end are Rick and the kids but most of the friends are done. I'm hoping to get things wrapped for mailing this weekend or early next week and then I can just settle in and enjoy the season! Well, I'll enjoy it no matter what!

  7. Good sound thinking on the early shopping. I've never been accused of being 'sound', sigh.
    Nifty Kleenex holder.

  8. I got most of my Christmas stuff done already. I don't like being like one of those fools who wait until the 24th

  9. I have most of my Christmas shopping done only have some of the men in my family to buy for. Have all my pumpkin breads baked and in the freezer. Today I am putting up my Christmas trees and the rest of my Christmas decorations. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. BJ, I used to shop all year long for gifts..and that helped me so much..saved wear and tear on me and and my bank account. Now I just give money...that really works. Just the right color and close to the right size. LOL. I started a few decorating things on the porch. I have a long way to go here to be ready for our big holiday. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  11. Hi BJ all your photos look Holly Jolly, graphics bright and Merry. Shopping this year has been an expensive HO HO HO for John and I. We have purchased computers for Grand Gabby and Dane, 2 computers, 2 service contracts, software ... Computer skins, computer zipped carrying cases. YIKES. I personally hate malls and love the ease and comfort of shopping in PJ's on-line. You're right about shopping on-line and early.

  12. I got a jump start this year on both the gift buying and the decorating. And, it makes things so less stressful!!

  13. I got a jump too! I also love online shopping!!! Easy and fun

  14. BJ,
    Great planning, dear friend!!!
    Loved all those cute gift bags!!!
    If one finishes early, they can truly, enjoy all the festivities of the Christmas Holiday!!!

  15. Most of ours is done too. Doing very little shopping. Giving legacy gifts to our kids. A tradition we started a few years ago.
    This year our son and grandson are getting knifes from The Cowboy. Our daughter a Donney and Burke satchel. (the story Wednesday on Wit and Wisdom) and a few other things.
    Enjoy getting started on the decor. I'm hoping to be done Monday night. We'll see.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  16. BJ, I like to shop through the year too. It's fun to find things that remind me of someone specific. I'm pretty organized about it. I keep a list of what I've bought and where it's stashed. '-)
    Have to share a recent fun thrift find. A local consignment store had a set of CC chargers, bowls, and plates. A friend spied them and alerted me. I drove right over and scooped them up. Merry Christmas, Sarah. '-)

  17. I am with you bj!! I shop all year and then I am not so rushed. The only problem with that is I keep finding stuff, especially for the grandchildren, and then I keep buying! As of today, I am 99.9% done. I have to get my husband's gifts still but I am still thinking on that! I have put up one decoration too....a garland tree on my doors instead of a real one this year because of naughty kitties!

  18. I too, do all of my shopping early. I got into that habit when I used to do so many craft shows. I learned real quick that waiting until December just was too stressful. So, I got into the habit of getting it all done early and then enjoying the holidays. Proud of you.


  19. I'm getting there, but not done yet. My goal was December first. We shall see.

  20. We will be traveling between homes and countries on Christmas Day so won't be decorated at either end. I'll get my Christmas cheer from your posts! Hugs. . .J.

  21. We love decorating for xmas. We do it right after Halloween. Great fun.

    Have a Happy Christmas to you and your family.

  22. I agree with you about the shopping. This year we are doing things my new husbands way - last minute. Although we are newlyweds, we are old people with lots of established habits and that means adjustments! I am finding it very stressful. I like to be able to focus on decorating, having fun, and baking in December. I am trying to have a good attitude but there are moments . . .
    Today I am focusing on the positive - visiting family and seeing a Christmas show with family and family friends. There will be a smorgasbord lunch, and shopping in a big Christmas store so I will get my Christmas shopping fix. Angels to you BJ!


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