Monday, November 2, 2015

Autumn Bits and Bobs....FOOD..FLOWERS AND DOGS

Hello, friends...
We are having the most beautiful November days...
high temps
not too much wind....
it was 80 degrees here today.....LOVE IT.

My FaceBook friend, DONNA LUKE, gifted my friend,  MARTHA and I
with a jar of CRACKER BARREL APPLE BUTTER... it ever delicious...

sooo good.

Thanks, Donna

I found this awesome BISCUIT MIX in my pantry...
and they just seemed to go together with this delicious Apple Butter..


I don't remember what kind of apples these are but they are so
crisp and juicy and sweet....

...pretty napkins and Sunflower napkin rings...
Pier 1

The bright fall colors sure make a breakfast FUN...

 I so love taking pretty photos....

A few photos of the sweetest and prettiest GREAT DANE.

ATHENA is taking advantage of this 80 degree November day.

"HEY, Athena...I'm over here taking advantage of this gorgeous day, too."

 I've spent most of my life being deathly afraid of large dogs..'
ATHENA is the sweetest, most lovable animal I've ever been around.


  1. Glad you found such a sweet pup. Love the face.

  2. Thank you for stopping by Driller's Place. There are many good things to be found at Cracker Barrel, but I could eat 5lbs of their smoked sausage patties. Have a blessed week.

  3. You take the BEST photos!!! EVER!!! I love those biscuits but have never paired them with jam before. Will have to try that!!!

  4. I just made those biscuits this week and almost made myself sick on them! LOL Love apple butter. YUM

    That dog is so cute and soooooo big.


  5. Hello BJ, the apple butter and biscuits are making me hungry! The apples do look crispy and juicy and Athena is really enjoying the beautiful weather. Have a great day!

  6. Athena looks mighty and strong . . .
    Happy he is keeping a gentle eye for our bj . . .

  7. Apple butter and biscuits? Yes Please!!

    That's one gorgeous dog. We've never had a Great Dane but I know they are so sweet.

  8. Mmmm. Yummy breakfast! I make cheddar herb biscuits a lot. So good! Athena is beautiful. How nice to enjoy 80 degrees. It's raining and only 2C here (34F). Not a pleasant day but at least it's not snowing. LOL Have a great day.

  9. BJ , That is a great gift. I love apple butters. The breakfast looks like a big cup of coffee and it would be gone in a hurry. Hope you enjoyed it. I do not own dogs, although my girls (3 of them) own dogs. I was bitten when I was small...I think that has something to do with it. I pet my granddogs and give them treats.LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  10. I have apple butter on a rice cake every night. I love it. Your photos are great and everything looks delicious. It is still warm here but cloudy. Have a blessed day. Madelline

  11. Love your use of warm Autumn-y colors here!!!! Even if your temps are still up, you can "make it" Autumn, inside.

    Athena is a beautiful dog!

    Our huge-puppy-Swiss-Mountain-'Grand'-Dog "Clara" has pneumonia!!!!!!!!!! -sigh- No idea how she got that!!!!! But vet has her on meds, and we hope she will be fine again. She is huge, but she is only a puppy, not fully 3 months yet. -sigh- Her 'mommy' and 'daddy' are very concerned of course.

    I am thinking positively, since son called last evening and said she was walking by with a toy in her mouth. She had been just laying!!!!!!!!


  12. What a welcoming, beautiful feast, in all that sunshine and colour! It's just that bright in my beautiful kitchen, but if you could see the rest of the house . . . . Much to do before the Thanksgiving crowd arrives.

    Athena is, indeed a sweet, graceful goddess of a dog---I'd never noticed before, but does she relax like that, on her two back legs, with her dainty BEE-hind never touching the ground? She looks so comfortable, but I suppose she's ready to bounce up at a moment's notice when she's needed.

    Glad your days are so bright and warm!


  13. I love apple butter and I have had that biscuit mix...yummy! I have never had them together, actually, I think they would make an awesome combo! What a sweet "little" puppy Athena is...quite the gentle giant, it seems :) Have a lovely week, bj!

  14. Hi bj, Athena caught my attention. She is so pretty and very alert in this pic. Big dogs always make me a bit uneasy but only certain breeds. Not this lovely Great Dane.

    I might know I would be tempted with great food in photos that are irresistible. LOL. Yum.


    Love, Jeanne

  15. The apples looks delicious! The biscuits do, too! And that dog looks soooo well behaved. She is just posing away for you to take her picture. I've never had a great dane but they do seem sweet.

  16. Yum, apple butter! We just made a small batch in our crockpot and I have been enjoying it on toast. We are having some indian summer weather in the low 70's, smack dab in the middle of my comfort zone :) I think we are all soaking up every drop of Autumn that we can. Enjoy your sunny days. Your table setting looks so pretty :)

  17. What a beautiful dog! I didn't know you could buy Red Lobsters biscuits!

  18. B.J. it was truly my pleasure giving you and sweet Martha such a tiny thank you for the fantastic time you showed me and Bobbie while we were in Lubbock! What a thrill it was to meet you but when you gave us a house tour I was over the moon! A memory to cherish, so it's I thanking you! Love ya a bushel and a peck ....of apples!

  19. My brother's great dane spent this Halloween whining to see all the trick or treaters

  20. Red Lobster rolls are THE best! Now I have no particular reason to go to Red Lobster!


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