Thursday, September 17, 2015

Water and Shadows and Baby

There's a built-in hot tub that son uses every now and then...
but MOST of the time, the BIG one is in use.
changing lights ...
ultra bubbles...
surround sound...
so nice.

Such a wonderful and fun area for family and friends.
Not too much more time for swimming....

and GRAHAM...the youngest of GREAT-grands...
He loves the water....
and we love HIM...!!!
"HI, GRAHAM"......I could just kiss your skin off..."

Chillin' out on a float.....not long before he feel asleep...


  1. Looks like wonderful family fun!


  2. Graham sure looks like he's chillin'. What a cutie! I would think it would stay warm enough down there to swim for a couple more months. How cool does it get in Oct?

  3. Graham is a real cutie. Looks like everyone has a good time in that pretty pool.

  4. You have beautiful oasis in your back yard BJ. I could use a hot tub this afternoon to relax in. Enjoy!

  5. Very lovely, BJ....we thought about a pool, be decided against it because of the maintenance. Hubby would rather play with his flowers and gardening. Graham is a cheek-pincher.

  6. He is so so cute! Those are sleepy eyes for sure. What a nice space to enjoy splashing with the family.

  7. Oh look at that face! Adorable.

  8. I love water play with family. Graham has such cute little cheeks!

  9. Oh what a happily "spoiled" little one!!! -giggggles- Lulled to sleep, floating on water. Perhaps he thinks he's back in the womb. :-)))))

    And great way for your son, to r-e-l-a-x....

    Hugs, Tessa

  10. Oh, he looks so sleepy...what an adorable baby! Love the pool times for your family and a nice, relaxing spot for your son, too!

  11. I think when I was his age, I hated the water. Me and large amounts of H20 never got along well. My ability to swim is dwarfed by my lack of being able to float

  12. Seems everyone is enjoying chilling out. However, Graham wins blue ribbon. Trust you are feeling better. I have never been a water person. Just sit and hang my feet in the water.

  13. BJ this was a very sweet share, Baby Graham is adorable. Chillin' is well deserved, the water looks so refreshing.

  14. Your pool and the choice of hot tubs, total bliss!! And the wee chap, adorable for sure.

  15. Graham is as cute as a button! No wonder you could kiss the skin off of him! I love that! Happy weekend!

  16. How wonderful to live in such a beautiful home with outdoor fun too!
    Enjoy these ending summer days!


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