Sunday, September 20, 2015


 The following appeared on my FaceBook page 
and I agree with it 150%.

I think most of us would agree that Immigrants are more than welcome
here in the United States
as long as they do it BY THE LAW.

Due to the fact that there are more people today than in 1907,
some amendments may need to be adjusted...
I still think it is politically correct that
"we have room for but one language...
and one sole loyalty to the  American people."

 I am using my blog as a forum today and appreciate any and all views no matter if I agree with them....or if YOU agree with mine or Roosevelt's.
 Feel free to state your feelings, if you have a mind to do so.

 There's NO JUDGEMENTS here....
I am just stating MY belief on the subject.


  1. I do also, BJ.

    My forebearers came to this Country, to escape many things. They came through Ellis Island and they did it, according to the Law. English was spoken. The Laws were abided by. The Flag of the United States of America was pledged to. And their children, and children's children worked and prospered.

    Some say the present Immigration Laws are too hard or strict or there is too long a wait. Well then, change the Laws!!!!! Make them reasonable.

    Do not solve one problem, by substituting another problem. In this case, do not solve the "too long to apply and wait" problem, with "give them all amnesty.

    Nope, this view is not Politically Correct today. But since I am a citizen, I am allowed the Right to hold it, and to state it.


  2. Absolutely!! I'm so tired of the illegals crossing the border and being given carte blanche! Our military doesn't even get all the freebies they do and that is an abomination, IMHO. Seniors are exempt from the freebies too.


  3. I am an immigrant and came here the legal way! Then, after living here for many years I became a naturalized American citizen. However, because Britain allows its citizens to hold dual citizenship with certain other countries, and the USA reciprocates by allowing me to also keep my British citizenship, I am proud to be a dual-citizen.
    Holding two passports can be useful sometimes, although I haven't use my British (now EU) passport in years, but do renew it. When completing forms I always stateI am American. I do however never forget my roots and the fact I am still also British having been born there to British parents, educated there, and domiciled there until aged 19. I cannot just wipe all that from my history.
    So bj, I agree there may be amendments needed. For me personally, although I have pledged allegiance to the flag, lived here 53 years, speak English, paid my taxes, abided by the laws of the country, and have always done my very best to be a good American citizen. I cannot agree with Roosevelt's words that I must be "nothing but an American". I was also raised to love my "Queen and Country", and I will never give that up!

    I hope I can stay here - please don't kick me out - I did all the right things which millions don't even try to do any longer.

    Mary -

  4. I am using my blog as a forum today and appreciate any and all views no matter if I agree with them....or if YOU agree with mine or Roosevelt's/
    Feel free to state your feelings, if you have a mind to do so. There is NO JUDGEMENTS here.

  5. I agree with this too. There is no excuse for breaking the law. As a citizen I am expected to abide by the law whether it is convenient or not, the same should be expected of anyone who moves here. If their first act is to come here illegally, they have already proven themselves unworthy of staying.

  6. Well, I agree, because why have laws then about immigration and passports? Illegal immigration is not fair to U.S. citizens and the people who follow the process for legal immigration.

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  7. Sorry BJ, I had my comment in the wrong spot.LOL. I think people who want to come here to live ...need to get legal, pay taxes, do the right. I would have to do those things if I went to another country...our laws are lame. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. Hi BJ! Perhaps what you will not hear journalists on network channels report on, is the appalling unfairness that occurs when it comes to illegal immigrants. Having served on the state's Grand Jury for two years and coming from a background in medical hospital and physician practice management, there are thousands of individuals currently receiving medical benefits that are not only illegal in the states, but also gaining access to every free government program available...using the benefits that are intended for American citizens, We heard legal case after legal case of criminals coming across the border to the states to commit horrible crimes time after time. Some of these criminals were deported between 6-10 times at the tax payers was very sad to see that many of our elderly patients were denied help with medical benefits when undersering people were being cared for with moneis paid by the working class...deplorable!

    1. So true! A friend lives in Vegas and advised there is a dialysis clinic there. The elderly and other American citizens cannot get in for care as the illegals have free gratis. Yes it's deplorable!!

  9. Both my husband's and my grandparents were immigrants from Poland and both my paternal grandmother and his maternal grandmother NEVER spoke a word of English until the day they died. As a nurse, I still take care of older patients who only speak Italian, Russian and Polish since we have a larger population of Eastern European immigrants in my area.That is why in each little town here, there were 4-5 Catholic churches which were built by immigrants because of where they came from and the language that they spoke. So there was an Italian church, a Polish church, a Slovak church, and Irish church and a Russian church in almost every little town. They are now closing down churches here left and right because of dwindling congregations and the lack of priests. Even though my paternal grandmother came through Ellis Island, she was considered undocumented because she was a woman. Back then, women only became documented and citizens if their husband was and she died before that happened.So she died being considered an illegal alien!
    I admire the Latino immigrants because many that I know are hard workers and do know English but speak their native language when around others from their country as we would if we lived in another country like Italy and we spoke fluent Italian but if we meet a fellow American, we would speak English since it is our native language. I feel that learning a second language is quite an accomplishment that many from other countries have mastered where most Americans can not even speak proper English.
    As far as the flag, I was just watching a football game where they showed City Hall in Buffalo, NY and there was both an American flag and a Canadian Flag flying outside of it!!
    In my opinion, if any flag should not be flown in America, it should be the Confederate flag because it stood for descension in our own country.
    These are my opinions and because we do live here in America, we are all Welcome to our opinions.And by the way, my sons still correspond with 2 friends , one from Syria and one from Afganistan that used to live by us because there fathers were Dr.'s at a VA Hospital right by us..They were the nicest people....
    Thanks so much for this forum!!


  10. Yes, I agree. The entire "assimilation" issue is so important. We live ten miles from Little "you name the place" and those folks have zero intention of ever assimilating. They're not here to become one with us; they're here to take over.

  11. I think one of the problems with immigration is a rule that has a cause and effect. Illegal immigrants in most cases cannot work legally (though they can be independent contractors) in the United States. Which prevents them from paying taxes, and there is a big myth is that illegal immigrants get welfare. Under U.S. law they don't, but when they can't report a income, if their children are Americans citizens then they the children can get benefits from social programs because their parents make "nothing".

    When you can do nothing but work under the table, it does limit your income and living in poverty eventually makes people get into legal trouble either petty or severe.

    I can sympathize with the language part. Learning a language is not simple, and most do speak or understand some basic English. Even some legal immigrants I know regardless of race, it always seem like the elderly ones never bothered to learn a word. I guess "I'm too old to learn anything" is a universal human trait.

    I fully support birthright citizenship which is guaranteed via the 14th amendment. The language is one of the most clear of any amendment, ALL PERSONS born in the United States. I know some argue that the citizenship clause was passed for a different reason (citizenship of slaves) but conservatives never take that excuse from liberals on the wording and reason for the 2nd amendment. Until you can pass a new amendment (which is the hardest political thing to do) that revokes it, then that's the law.

    Also there is no chance of them "taking over". The culture gap between the immigrants, and their American children is like night and day.

  12. I agree with you wholeheartedly! Of course immigrants should be welcomed into our country. Our nation was founded on open arms. But we also can't just keep the doors open and allow every person because sadly, there are those who want to destroy us! I come from a different perspective than many. I lived and worked in a middle eastern country for three years. I had to apply for a visa to live there and a work permit to be allowed to teach. I abided by their laws and respected their customs. I even tried learning Arabic to try to communicate better, but since almost everyone there spoke English, they often told me to just use English because it was easier, but they appreciated the effort I made. While I lived there a political coup occurred in the dead of night. It was unsuccessful, but the American Embassy suggested I return home for a time to wait for things to quiet down. I did return to finish out the school term and then did not renew my contract and came back to the states. Trust me, I know first hand that there are those who hate us. Those who would like to see us banished from this planet and aim to destroy us. By having open borders, we are giving those who would destroy us a chance to enter without restriction. To put it another way ~ you may be an animal lover, but seriously, would you invite a rattle snake into your home? If someone who loves this country and wants to enjoy our freedoms and who will be a good citizen and patriot, I think the door should be open to them. If not, then it's closed.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  13. I agree wholeheartedly with Roosevelt's ideas!

  14. Great conversation. I am a welcoming kinda gal. But... I pay taxes and obey the laws of the land. I think all should do the same:). Hugs!

  15. I'm for letting people come in, if they do it the right way. Living in So CA, I see so much. I worked as Director of Sales for numerous hotels and it they didn't have their green card we had to let them go. I firmly believe that everyone coming in should have a sponsor and become a US Citizen.
    The new thing here in SO CA is Asian women are coming in and are expecting a baby, there visa expires and they stay on and have their baby and we play for that for the rest of their lives. What about our Military - they need help.
    I'll get off my soap box now.

  16. Applauding from the wings!!!
    I'm so saddened to see what this country's becoming . Like my dad used to say, "The tail's wagging the dog."

  17. You are sweet. I so appreciate your ability to accept other folk's views.
    I said a lot and erased it. As they say "some things are better left unsaid"... Times are in a turmoil and it's going to go on for a very long time. We are so divided..makes me sad. I'm trying so hard to understand what is going on. So luck! :)
    It's been HOT here. Miserable. Wish it would end..we need rain and cool weather.. I haven't even decorated for Fall..hard to get in the mood when it's so blasted HOT!!
    Sending a big hug, bj!

  18. I agree completely. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  19. Good morning bj, We were traveling on Saturday so I haven't had time to comment. We went to Knoxville to visit our oldest daughter who had a hip replacement on Wednesday. She is home and doing very well, Thank goodness.

    Today we are in Raleigh, NC visiting our son and to bowl in the State Competition for Senior Games. I hope I bowl well. We head for home tomorrow. Our lives never slow down. Yikes.

    I so agree with your opinion on immigration. This problem is a financial burden for those of us who pay taxes. Unfortunately there are many people in our country who are 'taking' not giving. This is worsened by people who illegally enter our country. We are a free country and there isn't many countries in the world that give immigrants the opportunity to enter their country legally and enjoy the (American) democratic 'way' of life. Illegals are a financial burden. If we can structure our laws to make being legal easier I am 'all' for it. However, they must work and pay taxes to support our country. Anything else is not acceptable. A monumental problem exists because of our leaders taking a lax viewpoint for many years. Just my opinion bj. Thank you for posting this.

    Love, Jeanne

  20. My grandparents all immigrated legally. Some from Germany, some from Belgium. They all worked hard, paid taxes and loved America. I don't understand what's happening to our country, and it makes me very, very sad. I have lovely Columbian friends who gained citizenship recently after years and years of wading through the bureaucracy. The husband is well educated and had a job in the States, yet they were treated so poorly. Why do we punish those who play by the rules now? And reward those who don't? I won't say more, BJ, because frankly I'm afraid of retribution. Love to you, dear lady. Hugs, Nancy

  21. 100% of my grandparents came to US in the later 1800s from Germany, looking for opportunity in farming and a better life without oppression. But they came through Ellis Island and followed the rules to establish their place in the Midwest. They spoke a little German at home, but made their children learn and speak English to help them learn the language as well. Living in Texas we have a good deal of illegals, and many of them just live their lives here doing hard labor. Because of many barriers, many of them have no idea how to go about being legal. There should be a way to accomplish this. Lots of discussion this election period....who knows if anything will come of all the banter.

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  23. I am one who follows rules...our laws being rules. Because if I do not follow the laws then my gov will do something to me. Ha! But true. While my ancestors came to this country from England in the mid 1600s except for another group who came from Germany in early 1700s, I guess they were immigrants. I have done extensive research about immigration via Ellis island...and there were lots of rules. Some made the trip and were turned back due to illness, or other disqualifying reasons.

    I lived in France many years ago. I remember crossing borders and I especially being grilled upon entry to England. Ha! I had to show my visa, cash, etc. and I was given a deadline date by which I needed to be out of the country. I had to laugh to myself...because 3/4 of my ancestors were from England/Wales. Crossing into Spain...back in the day, scared the stuffing out of there were armed guards, and we had to get off of the train, present passports, etc. We could get back on the train after it crossed the border. The process was done under armed guards. This KY girl had a real lesson in government in action. I would venture to say that there are few places with full open immigration in modern times. I may be wrong...but the parts of the world where I have been have rules too! EU has changed to open borders, but look beyond EU.

    I am on the side of citizenship by the rules. If I wanted to be a citizen of another country I would have to abide by their rules. If parents are in the country legally, then birth child would have citizenship. If parents are not in the country legally, then the new birth would be citizen of the parents country.

    If I were traveling, and had a child in France, would that child be a French citizen? I guess I need to do some research. As I said...I like to follow the rules, because, well, that keeps society in order. Otherwise there is bedlam...and looks like there is enough bedlam in the world today. :-)

    I do not have all of the answers...but I know that my taxes cannot continue to support too many more people, gov programs, etc. I am stretched thin as it is for my own family, as I guess many others are also. Again...I go back to rules. Our country is on the brink of financial ruin, as we/our gov are living on credit from another country. I told someone recently, Pres Eisenhower was the president when I was a kid....I want to go back! This is not the same country in which I grew up. But...I am old, or retro. Ha!

    I hope reason and calm prevail.


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