Friday, August 21, 2015

Well....I don't know about THIS....

  I have posted photos and etc about the 
we are getting for our living room....

I have never owned a pair of end tables because all my sofas, thus far,
have been placed in the middle of the room with a coffee table in front.
This sofa will be up against a wall...

GOOD GRIEF...they are SOOO expensive...
even the cheaper stores want enuf money for each table
to be able to go on an extended vacation to France.....
 so off I headed to THE THRIFT STORES.

No luck at the first 2...
but on the 3rd try...
(now, I KNOW you are going to say YUCK..
and wonder "what was she thinking"  because Mr. Sweet's eyes are STILL rolling...)

 A pair of tables that were hit with an ugly stick...
I KNOW they are sooo ugly and beat up and need LOTS of work...

and I CAN DO IT because they were only $6 bucks  each..
HELLO....$12 for the set...that's ALmost as good as CURBSIDE FINDS.
Oh, I know these UGLY DUCKLINGS aren't ever gonna be those
infamous SWANS...

but when I sand them good...

(not using chalk paint on them....
SATIN BLACK is the order of the day for these twins. )

and replace these little grubby brass handles on the door...

Oh, yes...wouldn't I love to put some gorgeous hardware like the above on it...
WAAAY to expensive...
I wouldn't even like the tables if I spent a lot of money on them.
After all, I am hoping to replace them SOMEday.

 I can't wait to get started on them and once I am finished,
I will show you that
can go to
in ZERO FLAT....!!
( I HOPE.....)

AND...the furniture store sent me an email today that my sofa is in...
and want me to schedule delivery...
I've got a little more ARRANGING to do and I want to finish these tables..
I'll set it up for MONDAY...
I always want everything to be ready and lookin' goood by the
time they put the sofa in place in my room...
I have my shades bought but not the lamps...
my gray plaid throw came in today from TARGET... is it sooo pretty.
I thought when I got THIS olden, I wouldn't get all in a tizzy over
a new piece of furniture...
but it ain't so....
 I'm so tickled to be getting a new sofa....
sooo fun..


  1. Ooh la la! I can't wait to see how the tables and pulls turn out, bj!

  2. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out. Those end tables were all the rage when I was a teenager. In fact my parents had them up until they day they moved to smaller accommodations. Then I inherited one for our basement.

    God bless.

  3. Those table are going to be great when you finish your makeover!

  4. Of course they will be super!!! After a lot of work, on your part. Super....

    Must give you a link to a blog, where Cielo is always doing amazing things with paint! :-)

    The Little White Cottage In The Woods.... She is in a 'simple' mode now, but has painted her way through lots of decorating modes. :-)

    Her blog is a feast for the eyes, with home-done 'eye candy'.


  5. Should turn out great in the end, good stuff.

  6. Oh great I can't wait to see you new tables made into beautiful swans

    You are so smart for doing this

  7. I think I might just do something similar when it comes to furniture like that. I believe yours will turn out pretty good. We await the pictures

  8. Cool beans. My Gram had ones like those.

  9. We are furniture shopping this weekend:) I am in need of comfy sofa and love seat! Can't wait to see those tables with a gorgeous "B.J. re-do"! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  10. I am also excited to see your new furniture. Looking forward to see your post on them!

  11. I am so excited for you. I am going to be waiting for your post on the new sofa and the finished end tables. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. Looking forward to seeing your finished product!

  13. We know you can do it BJ. You've got skills!

  14. What a fun project! it will be great to see it! I am happy for you...getting a new sofa, plus more.

  15. End tables for only $12.00... Score! BJ, I can't wait to see you work your magic. I know they'll turn out great.

    Have a wonderful weekend... :)

  16. Sounds so exciting! I just spray painted all of my light switch covers because the ones I wanted were so expensive. I know your tables will turn out beautiful. Can't wait to see the room all done.

    Have a great weekend.


  17. Exciting bj . . .
    Love your idea of fancied up end tables from the resale store.
    I enjoy it so much more when I can save a NICKLE and have something look first class!
    I can't wait to see what you come up with!
    Monday will be a great day . . .

  18. How fun! Can't wait to see them all fixed up. And I'm so sorry to miss your comment at my site about LV til just now. But I had already checked and knew she was ok AND that you knew she was ok so that was good :) Have a delightful weekend. :)

    Kaye - wait til you see the cute pix :)

  19. Have fun with your recreating BJ, Black is always a perfect choice. I bet on Monday evening you're not going to get up from your sofa and cuddle in for a movie night!
    Happy weekend!

  20. The end tables are a great idea, and your work will turn them into a beautiful piece of furniture. Waiting to see it all finished.

  21. Goodness, I am still catching up on posts I missed when I was sick! A new sofa!? Oooh, you know I love to see what you do when you decorate! I'm all on pins and needles. Can't wait :)

  22. BJ, I think you will love your new re-loved tables. I am so glad you decided to paint the old pulls. Now I am so ready to see it all. My sister and I painted an old chair of hers today...we took turns painting the spindles. LOL I had my camera and did not take a mad at myself. I 'll get one next time I am there. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  23. BJ,
    A new sofa. . .a new throw. . .new lampshade. . .and now these two "new" end tables!!!
    Better wave your magic wand so you can show us all the newness of your living room!!!
    I'm thrilled for you, dear one!!!
    I'll be watching for a Magical reveal!!! (wink!)

  24. Good for you Bj! I can't wait to see what it all looks like! Have a lovely weekend!

  25. Never fear, you will make them just the way you wanted. Where do you get all the energy. I am worn out working in my yard today. Of course, years makes a lot of difference.

  26. I'm tellin' you. We are sisters! I'd have chosen them. Only problem I would have to spend hours lookin' for the Pin where I had a Fabulous DIY to copy. I seriously think my mother has the same tables. So I hope yours turn out Fabulous because I can inherit some for Free! I can't wait to see what the look like. I agree about the $$$ for new.
    Right now we have Shabby from a past guest room. I had saved them for my sewing room (someday) We hadn't room for end table the last two places we were. Now we have room. The Cowboy is the one that makes it to the resale places. He doesn't have vision. Good luck. Be sure and show us your finish! Have a good weekend Sis.

  27. BJ, those are going to turn out bee-yoo-tee-ful! My sister Cyndi found one just like yours and she re-painted it. Came out lovely. I know you will do a great job!

  28. You are for sure going to love the tables!

  29. I am looking forward to your new look! I love a good remodel story ...and your tables will be great. I like black satin paint too! I am excited for you to get your new sofa. Woohoo! Sheila

  30. Those table will be terrific when you get them finished and with pretty new knobs. I am almost as excited as you to see your new sofa.
    Don't work to hard on the tables and have a great weekend.

  31. Excited for you ... I know everything will turn out really nice.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  32. Oh my gosh, I can't not wait to see what you have done with those end tables. I know you, so I know they will br gorgeous!! You are so gifted, with a talent to decorate!!


  33. BJ, I like your spunk! I just bet those end tables are going to look fab when you are finished with them. Have fun with the process!

  34. Hi BJ! So glad you found your way to our little white cottage so that now I could find you! Good to see you're doing well. Love that sassy little baby on your photograph... that turn into a sassy lovely spirit YOU!

    Blessings, my friend!


  35. Oh and I love those photos of your family at the bottom of your blog. Stacy looks exactly like that younger you! Beautiful. I truly enjoyed seeing all the anniversary pics.... so cute! Blessings to you and yours...


  36. That's great BJ!! That is exciting and I know they will look absolutely beautiful!

  37. What a beautifully classic couch - those tables are going to look gorgeous when your done and tie everything in perfectly !
    Can't wait to see them !

  38. I can't wait to see the transformation of those tables when you're all done with them! I'm sure they will look gorgeous with your new sofa!


  39. Can't wait to see the finished product!

    Popped by from Pink Saturday, got you on my Feedly now.

  40. We are waiting for the end result. I bet they are gonna be gorgeous.

  41. Can't wait to see the sofa and the tables are gonna be fantastic. My kinda price!!!

  42. Hi bj,

    Those end tables look just like end tables my mom bought new.
    I am sure she paid much more for them...LoL
    They are sure to be looking awesome next to the sofa...xoxo


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