Saturday, June 13, 2015

Coffee and Cups...COME ONE....COME ALL

delicious coffee.

"Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, which are the seeds of "berries" from the Coffea plant."

If COFFEE came along, I would marry it
 OOO, I do love it to the moon and back.

 Coffee served in cute CHRISTMAS MUGS just tastes better....
I find all of mine at thrift stores for pennies...
I have about 12 of the cutest cups ever.....
I am very picky and just buy really cute ones...
now is a great time to start your 

"Do Lipton employees take coffee breaks ??

Coffee cake, with lots of butter and sugar and cinnamon and pecans and...and....and


all this coffee talk reminds me ....

you can leave comments on
THIS post, as well as clicking on my 
THE CHOSEN BEAN CO. COFFEE giveaway button at the top of my blog.

You can leave comments right up to 10:00 PM, Central,
 on Sunday, 14th
with winner being announced on MONDAY 15th.

XOXO, bj


  1. Oh mercy you're such a bad influence. I'm trying to reduce my coffee intake because it's far too great but you are making me think I need some after noon coffee right now!!

  2. BJ, I love coffee also. I call myself a coffee connoisseur. That is to the degree that I may not know the best cup of coffee but I sure know a bad cup. LOL. The best I have ever had has been on cruise ships and the Beef& boards in Indianapolis Indiana. I will not order coffee in restaurants any more because they have cut back on quality in most places. I used to get coffee from the machine at work.. I would say that was always pretty nasty. LOL. My husband and I sued to drive to Indy to get coffee from a shop that ground their own, they sold the beans also. Well gee, I guess you know I love coffee. Here's to a great cup for tomorrow morning. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Even as a non coffee drinker I wouldn't miss you bright colored posts and the cups are wonderful.

  4. I NEED at least 2 cups every morning ;-)

  5. I love coffee... my mama and granny are coffee drinkers, too. I'm pretty sure our blood type is coffee. And, we can't have girl talk without it. We've solved many a world problem over a cup of coffee! haha!

  6. What a fun post, BJ. Loved it...and coffee.

  7. The best coffee for me is that first cup, early morning, fire going, check emails and blogs, total BLISS. That one huge mug, guess that is the first cup for you too.

  8. "Do Lipton employees take coffee breaks ?"

    I guess they drink the same thing they tell their interns to go get.

  9. Love your mugs ... especially the red and white roosters. Don't put my name in the hat -- I'm a tea girl! :)
    Cute post.

  10. laughing at the lipton question. :)

  11. Oh you have coffee well covered and breakfast, too. We're all so blessed to sit around your table enjoying it.

  12. Very cute post! I love the dutch scene on the canister and your music cup. I am not much of a coffee drinker, though I have a cool device that makes steamed milk and foam; it came from Target, and it's the best little machine ever if you like that sort of thing. I also use it to make gingerbread tea at Christmas. I did develop a taste for coffee last summer in Italy, but I'm back to not drinking it again. I don't think I make good coffee. Thank you for visiting me, and asking how I am. xoxo Su

  13. I love coffee too. :) I love to drink my coffee in a pretty mug. It has to be pretty.

  14. I'm wanting breakfast now!! Just love these quotes.

    I tried years ago to get rid of all the mismatched coffee mugs and get just the pretty ones that matched my dishes. SOooooo boring. I'm back to picking up cups that strike my fancy! :)

    Jane x

  15. BJ, this is such a cute, clever post. I'm a coffee drinker too. Our coffee maker died this past year, so we switched to using our Nespresso machine for our morning coffee too. It makes a cup at a time, but with just the two of us it works out just fine. '-)
    Don't include me in the draw. I wouldn't have a coffee maker to use this fine gift. ;-(
    Best of luck to everyone who enters. ;-)

  16. 20 minutes later, I'm still chuckling over the idea of filling my sink with java and dunking my head! Yours are delightful images!
    That's a great prompt to look for Christmas mugs this time of year!

    PS - The give-away looks like such fun, but we've traded our 'drip' coffeemaker for a Keurig, so I wouldn't be able to use it.

  17. We come from the Land of Starbucks (Seattle) and are hopelessly addicted to the stuff. As a matter of fact I am sipping coffee - this week, Greek coffee while at our place here -- and nodding my head in agreement with this wonderful post!

  18. bj, You always make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud, like today! I can imagine sticking my head in a vat of coffee, although these days I would need an iced version and total immersion, if you know what I mean :) ! I hope you find more cute mugs. Now I will think of you when I see one! Linda

  19. I think you really do like coffee, lol. Great collection of coffee mugs.

  20. Hello BJ, lol! Yes, I think the Lipton employees take coffee breaks. You have a nice collection of coffee mugs, I love the mug with the black dots. Have a happy day!

  21. Great post . . .
    I love all your cups . .
    Great Coffeeology too!

  22. Great post about coffee and coffee mugs. Your mugs are very nice. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  23. I'm very choosy about my coffee cups too and I love your little Christmas cups. I name my cups. I have my cottage cup, my trip cup and the best one is my comfortable cup. :-)

  24. BJ when I gave up smoking about 30 years ago, I had to give up coffee at the same time because a good cup of coffee and a cigarette go hand in hand. Thank heavens I could let go of the cigarettes but NOT the coffee and after 30 years it still tastes as good as ever and your coffee cups are all too cute and the cuter the cup the better the coffee!..Happy Sunday..Judy

  25. Lve coffee, but not entering because we will be traveling soon and I wouldn't know where to have it sent.

  26. I think I've met my match for loving coffee! I could drink it all day and I did somedays when I was young but I've cut down to mornings and maybe decaff during colder months during the afternoon and evening. Yes there is a difference in coffees! I have a lot of cups and mugs too bj, your are so cute :)
    Have a great week...........

  27. I have to have a couple of cups in the morning to get me going!

  28. YES! Head in the sink full of coffee...nothing like a short cut!!! :):)


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