Tuesday, June 23, 2015


and heading out to the pool area.

I love playing out there...
all the cute and colorful PAPER PLATES are so perfect for pool side fun.

I've always enjoyed using paper goods...
not the plain, ole boring WHITE, tho.

and, used to, the cuter plates and napkins were pretty pricy...
now, between all the DOLLAR STORES, prices are reasonable....

I stock up on the cuteness every where I go...
the dollar stores
the drugstores
the supermarkets.....

...all kinds of




even shapes.

Yes, I know YOU know all about paper plates ....

this is a silly post...
and sometimes, I just NEED mindless.

...just enjoying the COLORS OF SUMMER.

A pretty piece to play with...
faux aqua coral...
Have I even mentioned that we now have a
Home Goods
and a
here in our town.?

When I am outside, ATHENA is right by my side.
I love this dog....
and to think, for 76 years, I was afraid of large dogs.

She is such a sweet dog..

and a young one so she still loves to run and leap and lick and pee and jump all over you...

She belongs to one of the grandgirls that's away studying in Norway for 2 months ...

I'm pretty sure she is going to want her dog back and I don't know if we can give her up....
guess we can, tho, because LACEY JEAN is good to bring her over for all of us to get a chance to play with Athena.

Store bought goodies are always in the pantry or freezer..
so good to pull out to have with a glass of tea or a 
7up Cherry Lime.....YUM...my favorite summertime drink.
I just use a 7up, pour a little cherry juice in...
squeeze a little fresh lime juice....
add 2 or 3 cherries and I'm good to go.

Have you tried the PEANUT BUTTER and the SPRING OREOS..?
 The peanut butter will bring you to your knees...
the Spring Oreos  actually tastes pretty much like the original ones....
just a fun lime green color.

 Thanks for hanging with me this sunny day....
Hope your rest of the week is good and you have a fantastic weekend.

Centerpiece Wed


  1. Returning the visit and looking at other posts :)

  2. THAT is a fun, summer table! I'm like you - I love some cute paper plates.... so bright and cheery... best part? - NO DISHES TO WASH! Haha! Love all of the color! :)

  3. How fun!!! I love your pool decor! I have not tried the treats but I bet I WILL now!!
    I forget about paper plates so I never have any! Louis Dean brought a set of Corning white dishes with him when we married.
    They are our ALWAYS plates usurping the heavy Pfaltzgraff set that I have over a hundred pieces of!!
    I will be looking at the paper goods section on my next trip to the Dollar store!!!

  4. You find the prettiest paper goods! I would be so thrilled if Home Goods would come nearer...it's a 40 mile trek to the nearest one. Athena looks as if she loves the pool so you're two peas in a pod, summer fun-loving gails!

  5. beautiful post! now you've got me wanting to go on a paper plate hunt! lol!


  6. Relaxing by the pool looks like a good time to me!

  7. Lots of colour there, love blue. Relaxing by the pool is my idea of heaven.

    God bless.

  8. Looks like you know how to have a pool party BJ. I loved the pretty colors and the designs . You can enjoy a nice fun time right there. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. What a pretty colorful post, bj. I just love how you look at life and find joy in small things. You are the best at that!!!! Hope you have a great week. xo Diana

  10. Love those paper plates! I have been stocking up on cute ones too. Seems like they keep getting better and better. Thanks for the Cherry Lime 7Up recipe. I'll give it a try!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  11. Pretty summer colors BJ! I would love to be lounging by that pool right now.

  12. I love paper plates in the summer especially. It's too hot to do dishes and all that clean up and the plates and napkins are so cute and not nearly as pricey as they use to be. The dollar store rocks doesn't it!

  13. Well BJ you have colored your Summer happy and fun. A cheery happy pool area for sure.

  14. With that much color and fun, any party would be a hit -- pool or not! Looks like good fun is in store.

  15. This was not a silly post. I loved seeing all the wonderful colors of summer time.. The dollar stores are wonderful places to go and get cute things. I do keep sweets around but I do keep lots of fresh fruits. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. Enjoy that pool ... It's almost too hot here to walk down to "ours". ... Which is a whole block away of course. Once we get there, this time of year it is a private pool though. (But water exercise isn't as much fun without my pool buddies)! I don't think your post was silly BTW. I like how you make everything fun!

  17. Summer is the perfect time for bright color, sweet treats and the pool! Enjoy it all!!

  18. Love all of your bright colors. I, too, use a lot of pretty paper plates. They are so easy. Those new Oreos are going to get me in trouble I'm afraid! LOL


  19. What a pretty fun day by the pool. Love all your goodies. I'm a hoarder for paper napkins. Athena is loving the lounging by the poolside.


  20. Love the blue and white ones. Nice dog!

  21. Your photos gave me a sugar rush this morning, oh how I wish I could eat those cupcakes...Yummy!

  22. I like paper goods too!! I love not having to wash dishes. Hehe and, of course, my favorite ones are full of color also. :)

  23. always up for a party as long as you host it. The dog is adorable.

  24. BJ, I loved this fun pool party! And all the sweets looked perfect! Blessings, Pam (everydayliving.me)

  25. A day by the pool is perfect in hot weather. Love all the color!

  26. the colors do look to match the summer mood

  27. OH! I indeed enjoyed hanging out with you by the pool, BJ! Love the colors so cheerful, I too shop at the stores you mentioned for bargains.
    Enjoy your summer sunny days!

  28. I love all your colorful goodies! Wow, that Athena is certainly a big beauty! So glad you now have a Home Goods -- everyone deserves to be "HomeGoods" happy!

  29. Just makes me want to come jump into that pool with you.

  30. Beautiful and bright colors for a day by the pool:) LOVE those colorful treats too! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  31. I love all the bright colors, so summery! And your Athena is a cutie, I have always loved BIG dogs. Have a happy day!

  32. It looks so sunny and warm and colourful out on your poolside patio BJ. I love it! Have fun!

  33. It looks so inviting by the pool and I love the colorful paper goods!

  34. Colorful polka dots, prints and patterns fit right in, delightfully for a pool party with "sweets!"
    Love the spotted doggie addition too . . .


  35. I would love a day by the pool
    I would drink water and eat those cup cakes

  36. Your poolside decor is so enchanting, so refreshing. Love all the blues.

  37. I LOVE the colors and treats you've shared by the pool. You inspire me to get my patio area ready to share with friends so I can search the Dollar Stores and HomeGoods and Marshalls (new stores nearby) for such fun things! Wish I lived close enough to share some Cherry Lime 7-Up by the pool with you.


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