Friday, April 17, 2015

Here a Bed..There a Bed....

posted her new spring bedding on the very same day I was working on a post
of changing out MY bedding...

I was shocked to see that my bedding, while not nearly as lovely...
and certainly not famous brands,
was very similar in colors to hers.

After seeing her prettiness, I am going to start watching for pretty pillowcases
You can click HERE to see how she does such a classy job on budget bedding.

Here's the starting of my spring bed...
it's pretty much the same as last spring and summer....
very casual...
very comfy..
my mother always had the most comfortable ...and comforting beds
and MY bed is a lot like it was when I was a kid.

Everything is soft and durable...
easy to climb into for a nice, long nap EVERY day.

I haven't bought anything new for this year..
same wall hanging and quilt...

On one bedside table..a favorite read....

always a tiny bit of black and white sprinkled around...

(I've already changed out those flowers for the lime green hydrangeas...
fickle, I tell you.)

I just can't decorate....or live... without a touch of whimsy...
just can't have all serious stuff...
really SERIOUS stuff just doesn't make me feel like smiling.

I bought this book at a thrift store not long ago...

Since EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND is one of my favorite re-runs now, I thought I'd like this book about DORIS ROBERTS...

...haven't started reading it yet but

it's on my bedside table on the other side of the bed...
and next in line to read.

Did you notice that cute little clock...



one of those little "tuck in" pieces..

love it to pieces....

I bought this pillow last summer and I just LUV to snuggle up against it
and watch tv at night.
I can change looks up a bit with these neutral colors..

I like using this monogrammed pillowcase sometimes...

and it being black and white, I can just add it to the 
cream and white bedding and ....
it works.

I have several different pillows with turquoise in them...
I am SOOO  addicted to PILLOWS...
just love 'em and have them stuck everywhere...
under closets...drawers...
it's pitiful.

and Stacy girl painted the vintage wooden bed tray for me.
Isn't it adorable.?

I use it ALL THE TIME .....

I think it's lots of fun to throw in different things in a room every now and then....
keeps things fresh...
colorful ....

Leaving you with

This may not be new to you...
but I just discovered it this very week...
and I tell you...

I'll tell you a little later how I used it in a recipe
and it nearly knocked our sox right off our feet...



  1. I love the colors you have used for the summer bedroom BJ. So soft and comforting. The sparkly pillow and the monogrammed pillow are gorgeous! I got those tablecloths you told me about from Boscovs and hung them in the living room. LOVE them! I blogged it yesterday :)

  2. My bedroom stays the same, summer, winter, have no place to store extra linens so I just use the same bedspread, pillow shams etc. I like your colors. And, I am with you, girl, on those naps. Maybe just 10-15 minutes so necessary. don't you think!!

  3. Your spring bedding looks beautiful. And that bed tray Stacy painted is really sweet, too. I like it.

  4. Here's hoping you bring that recipe post out right away because I read this to my hubby and he can't wait. He loves sausage and I don't, but I'm willing to try this.

  5. What beautiful bedding, so comfy looking too! Okay, am so anxious get that recipe!

  6. All so lovely BJ. I use those same colors in our master bedroom. The book from Doris Roberts is MARVELOUS! My youngest son presented that to me a long time ago for Mother's Day! I know you will enjoy it! Another fun post....have a lovely weekend!

  7. All so lovely BJ. I use those same colors in our master bedroom. The book from Doris Roberts is MARVELOUS! My youngest son presented that to me a long time ago for Mother's Day! I know you will enjoy it! Another fun post....have a lovely weekend!

  8. Love your bedding, bj..and you bedroom in general. I went from darker colors to all white/off white and soft aqua and I just love it. I like a bed that looks COMFORTABLE, too! Love it! I would love to read that book about Doris Roberts...never knew about it. Will have to look for it now- I thought she stole the show. xo Diana

  9. Oh my I just want to get comfy in a bed like yours right now; but alas I'm on lunch hour.
    Perfect blend of colors and textures.

  10. So beautiful and comfy, just how I like it too! It's so great that we really did pick the same colors!
    Thanks so much for the share! You are such a dear!
    Have a lovely weekend friend and thanks for calling me young :)

  11. Every look at your bed today is different, fresh, cosy, and the blue pillow with arms, very comfortable.. I made Hugh a "boomerang" or triangle one, but yours is great. Bedside reading, I have ALWAYS had a book or two or more right there. Today, with heavy rain forecast, light rain right now, maybe the bed and a good book is ordered. Enjoy your weekend when it arrives.

  12. Your bed and all looks so comfy, cozy, love the colors. I like the show and Doris too so will check out the book. Have a fun weekend!

  13. Your new spring bedding is beautiful, warm and cozy, BJ, I am long over due for a new re do in my bedroom, I love the idea of hanging the clock low and near the lamp, I just might do the same,as I am such a clock collector!~smile~
    Enjoy your weekend.

  14. I recently got new bed sheets/blankets and they were dark red. On a side note, not very summery for my room.

  15. Your bedroom is beautiful looks so comfy. You have a knack for decorating. Be sure and post a review of the Doris Roberts book after you read it. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. Love the look of your spring/summer bedding and your cute little pillow with the car. Changes are fun.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  17. I don't think there are many things in this old world (that) are a comforting as one's own bed! (But momma's? Oh yeah ...)
    That sausage looks amazing!

  18. Beautiful post and bed looks so the quirky touches...HPS...Michelle

  19. So pretty... That's my favorite shade of blue. I agree on the touch of whimsy. xoxo

  20. Your bedding and TV room look so comphy! Love the shades of blue. Seem there is a lot of blue out there...and I am loving it. I have not used much blue in my house for years, but want to now! Have a great weekend. Sheila

  21. You know I've just changed over to our winter sheets on the bed and they are a pale blue check. I thought how pretty it looked against the duvet cover and pillows so I might get a new blue throw to go on the bed...but don't tell anyone :) and maybe a cushion...or 2...


  22. I almost ready to change out our rotation of flannel sheets fro summer cottons. I an't trust the weather here till alte may however, as it can still get cold at night. My bedroom is in shades of brown and tan. I'd like to add a little more colr and your coice of a light blue looks pretty, bj.

    I hope you and your hubby are feeling better! Did you have your anniversary celebration yet? Congratulations!

  23. The change is nice and soft and clean it looks so new.
    The vignettes ar very nice too

  24. Your bed does look so comfy and snuggy, bj. I love the touches of turquoise that you add, and I love your vintage tray. I use a tray every morning in indulgence that I've carried on that my late beloved and I always did.
    Happy weekend to you.

  25. It all looks wonderful to me! We adore reruns of ELR! Do we all recognize ourselves in some way?

  26. You change your bedding for the season???WHY have I never heard of this brilliant idea??? I am curious about the Everybody Loves Raymond must do a review!!!

  27. Beautiful bedroom dear B.J.! Love birds on a wire:) AND that VW beetle pillow is PERFECT! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  28. Beautiful pillows! Wonderful pictures, I love the colors

  29. Happy Saturday, dear friend. I hope this day finds you and your hubby are much better and feeling well. I love your pretty Spring bed. You are right that it looks fresh and welcoming. I love for my bed to look pretty, too.

  30. Lovely! Makes me want to redo my bedroom. Can't wait for the recipe to come!

  31. Jean, I want to finish my bedroom now but have to get to the garden first. I love the touches of turquoise and the whimsy pillow...makes me smile too.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,

    Cottage Making Mommy

  32. Your bedroom looks lovely, bj. I love your vintage bed tray. The sausage sounds good, I'll have to look for it and try it out. It's all about the food, I say! lol! Have a nice weekend.

  33. Looks wonderful, BJ! I'd like to spruce up my bedroom but I'm holding back until I'm ready to peel the wallpaper (on just two walls), add some molding and do some painting. Whew! Just typing that wore me out! :D

  34. This room is adorable! The vintage tray is my favorite part.

  35. BJ, such an inviting bed with all the delicate colors and bedside tables. Don't you just love puffy bedding and luscious pillows? Hope your weekend is fabulous!

  36. Hi BJ. Your bed is so lovely and the tray is fabulous. I love all of your pillows and I know what you mean about a little whimsy in the room. I do the same thing in my home and it has that same effect on me, too. You just can't help but smile.

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend... :)

  37. Hello my dear sister friend, I too love lots of pillows on my bed. Half the bed is pillows. I changed my bedding and I haven't shared it. You inspired me today. Next PS would be a good day. Smile. I do love all of your pillows but turquoise is not a color I have in my house. I do love the color though.
    Happy PS.
    Love, Jeanne

  38. Love this post bj and what you have created . . .
    I have written two comments and my iPad keeps lcking up. I will explain in an email.

  39. Just beautiful and so comfy and cozy looking! I *have* to have whimsy in my life and in my home ~ makes me happy! I'm in the midst of redoing my bedding so maybe I'll have something to show you this week. :)

    I LOVE your bed tray! So weird that I've always, always wanted one but have never had one. That should be corrected! I'm glad to know you like that pillow that has the arms ~ have wondered if they were comfortable. Have considered that one might help my back.
    Well, seeing these photos I'm ready for a nap!


  40. LOVE! It all says home to me. Gorgeous.
    Enjoy...and happy pinks.


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