Friday, March 6, 2015



I found this beautiful little Pink Flowered Box
a few years ago at GOODWILL..

It's made of heavy cardboard...
and after I got it home, I discovered a 
I don't know about you but I just LUV  SECRET DRAWERS.....

Inside the box, olden stamped envelopes...
29 cent stamp
...and inside the little drawer..
a tiny book.
no writing in names....nor dates...
not very olden and it is published by WATCHTOWER

THIS is my olden 1944
Someone on another blog posted about their AUTOGRAPH BOOK...
just can't think who it was. (remember...I'm OLDEN) was SWEET TEA..
she has a really cute blog, might want to go by, sign up to follow
and please, tell her bj said hey. 
OH MY...that was another lifetime ago...
What a fancy "R" I made, back in grade school...:))
and the initials..
Did you have an autograph book in elementary ? you still have it?
I sure would just love to see it.
 So many of my classmates are gone now but they each and every single one
made a lasting impression on me.
.....helped make me who I am today.

Most of them graduated high school with me.
We lived in a small town and, back then, it seemed that no one moved out of town,
so the ones I started 2nd grade with, were there all the way thru school
Their memories will live on forever in my mind and heart.
With this beautiful little box, I now have a perfect place
to safe-keep my olden AUTOGRAPH BOOK...
my  tiny BOOK OF MEMORIES......

  2 little porcelain roses that were my mama's.
 Berries of the season, XTRA creamy COOL WHIP and a

PINK SATURDAY one of the longest running link parties 
                                           that I've linked to over the almost 8 years of blogging.


  1. I, too, have an autograph book from grade school times. Lots of autographs of teachers, classmates, and family. I need to go find it -- it's around here somewhere in my sewing room. Lots of memories. Have a great weekend, BJ. Sally

  2. cute little keepsake. :) love that 'olden' autograph book. :)

  3. I don't have a autograph book, I do have some good memories. I wonder if you could still use the stamped envelopes as is. I think you might could you know like the forever stamps. Try and see. I use to have one of the little boxes, its long gone. There are always some things we wish we had of not gotten rid of.

  4. Another wonderful post, bj. I did have an autograph book but I have no idea whatever happened to it. I am so glad you have yours. That is a really special thing to have kept all these years...and I love your Mom's sweet porcelain roses, too. xo Diana

  5. I think I have one but cannot get to it now. My cedar chest is covered with Suzanne's things I am storing until they get another house. She finally put out another post today. You might enjoy it. I am glad you are okay. When you do not post once a day, tend to get concerned. Sun shined all day.

  6. I loved autograph books and as years have gone by they've all disappeared. Now why did I let that happen? I should have known that someday they would have been a precious treasure. :(

  7. That made me think of my grandmother's autograph book she has shown me. What a treasure from her childhood.

  8. I have my grandmothers autograph book. It's very olden, since I am olden. Some of the sayings are so funny. I will have to do a post on that book, along with her eye glasses.
    Love your autograph book and the wonderful pretty box from GW.
    Thanks for sharing - brought back memories.

  9. I remember having an autograph book sometime in the mid 50's (?). Have no idea what happened to it tho.
    Your bowl of berries and muffin look yummy.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  10. i do.... where? i have no clue... love your hiding secret drawer. those china roses are sweet...

  11. What a charming post, dear BJ! Your words are a joy to read and your photos are beautiful. Happy weekend to you! Hugs!

  12. Um please tell me that you are going to post the recipe for the Butter Rum Muffin. I love how you call it an autograph book, I think my grandma did too. I wish she was here so I could ask her. Your mom's things are adorable too. It's always so fun to see what we treasure from our loved ones isn't it.

    Hugs from Oklahoma.

    P.S. I'm so excited it's warming up I can finally get to painting and planting soon.

  13. I did have an autograph book, and I think my mom might have saved it. I need to look through more things to see if I can find it. Do you remember folding the pages in a certain way? Funny, I remember exactly what my mom wrote in my book. I can see the page in my mind as if it were a photograph. Thanks for bringing this sweet memory for me to savor this evening. '-)
    We also had autograph hounds. Did you have one of those?

  14. I not only had an autograph book, I also had an autograph dog!! Looks like a delicious breakfast!

  15. Ha, I had an autograph dog too .. it was a dachshund. We moved so much I don't have many of my childhood things. Thanks for the memories
    from one Ramsey to another.
    visiting from Pink Saturday

  16. Great memories. The box is very nice a good place to store treasures. I to grew up in a small town too and went through elementary and high school with the same kids that started the first grade with me. It sunny and warm here today. I hope the cold weather is over with.. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  17. I remember having an autograph book when I was in school too but it's long gone. I have my late mother-in-law book though which has some cute sayings in it. Cute little storage box BJ. Sunny and milder here at just below freezing and still 4 feet of snow everywhere. :)

  18. No autograph books for me...I don't remember having one, but I love my mother's and grandmother's. Love the special witticisms and poems...this one seems to predominate: only one life, 'twill soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last. I do like your secret drawer!

  19. Sure like your treasure box with a drawer. Secretive find. Just like the story. The secret Garden. I loved that story.

    Was such a beautiful garden that was there. So is your box. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I love this! So cute...I kind of wish I had a secret draw to hide knick knacks in. :(

  21. So sweet! Why, your lil' autograph book looks perfectly at home there ... like it's been waiting all these years for such a resting place.
    I never had an autograph book; instead, I cling to my h.s. yearbooks and the corny sentiments. Odd, but now that I'm 'olden' as well, they don't seem so corny.

  22. Hi BJness! Oh, this is a darling post! Your box is very pretty and I love your sweet autograph book. I didn't have one, but saved my high school annuals with all of the notes from my friends in them. I kept all of my Valentines from my friends for many years but one day they were just gone! There you go feeding me again and I always love popping in to see me. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Oh I do wish I still had my autograph book and a sweet little box to keep it in. I just love your Good Will find! We moved so much most of the memorabilia got lost in the shuffle.

  24. Sweet memories to store in your very pretty little box. I did not have an autograph book, but I kept a diary. I think it is hidden away in a box somewhere. Need to find it and see what embarrassing stuff is in it. May need to burn it. My brothers used to make me so mad when they found my diary and read it ... then teased me to tears.
    Hugs and enjoy your Sunday.
    Audrey Z.

  25. We'd always sign each other's yearbooks in school. I forget some people's names when I read them.

    I never got a celebrity autograph later in life. But honestly I'd rather have a photo with one than a signature.

  26. Sweetest little box and precious memories! xo Olivia

  27. What a lovely find! And that autograph book! Those were my own school days, but I did not get one until I was a teenager---maybe fourteen---and it was signed by friends all the rest of the way through school. Remember that one that starts "When Evening draws its curtain"?

    Hope you're staying well and warm!


  28. I never had an autograph book, but my mother did and I remember being fascinated with it as I flipped through the pages and saw the poems and messages written inside by her friends. I love the box you found and secret drawers are the BEST!


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