Wednesday, March 18, 2015

~ Little Bitty New Things ~

No matter how large or small,
I just love getting new things for THE SUMMER HOUSE.

I have the sweetest friend in the whole wide world named Barbara
and she loves to go thrifting.
If she finds something that she thinks I would like, she buys it for me
and I am always just thrilled to death.....she knows me well.

I've shown you the Rooster tray she bought for me... 

and this adorable
cow pitcher.
She brought me something else from the thrift store.....
It looks like an Old Masters painting

But, actually, it's a KLEENEX BOX COVER...
I. LOVE. IT....!!!!!
Thank you so much, Barbara...
I love you, 
(and I also LOVE those brownies you brought on Sunday...) 


That little black and white polka dot pitcher isn't new...

but it's CUTE....

It was given to me several years ago by MARY CAROLL at the LITTLE RED HOUSE
(I can't find her blog right now for the address...:>(

The next NEW thing I have ....

is this graphic black and white coffee mug.....

a TALL coffee mug.

After I bought it at BIG LOTS,
on the way home I thought,
"OMYGOSH...what if it is too tall to use with my new coffee maker,
but it isn't.

BIG LOTS has some really good coffee cups and mugs,
especially if you get ones made by GIBSON.
Their Gibson dishes are great, too....

OK...that 2 new things...
one more....

perfect for summer...
I'm going to LOVE using these with some of my turquoise dishes and cloths....
from DOLLAR GENERAL...very very CHEAP inexpensive...
Inexpensive as in $3.00 for service for 4.
hahhhaaa....gotta just LOVE that.
Now, you might not want to use it for a nice dinner party but....
out by the pool...
on the patio....
on your next blog TABLE SCAPE.
"Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one."
Dr. Seuss

XOXO, bj


  1. Everything is so lovely, and I love the rooster theme! :)

  2. I'm guessing you're pretty sweet to Barbara too. I love roosters

  3. You got some great treasures. You know me anything with roosters on it - love them all. Your all set for summer by the pool - oh how fun.
    Thanks for sharing your pretty new items.

  4. It's a blessing to have a generous friend, I know cause I have one too. I have to be careful what I say I like around her cause the next thing I know she's bought it for me. I like roosters also, another friend gave me one once and I had it for a few years and then OOPS I accidentally knocked it off the counter and it broke in many pieces. Hope you're having some warmer weather.

  5. Ooh, fun things! I can see you're thinking ahead and getting ready for pool time, bj! I'm loving your new white flatware, which will go with any color dishes that you choose.

  6. I think spring has sprung in your world, love all your bits and bobs . . .
    I give my vote for those teal, three dollar for a set of four! WORTH IT!

  7. bj love your treasures... and your photo's

  8. Very nice artwork for a Kleenex cover!

  9. How cute! Yes. each little piece of decor tells us it will soon be summer...cannot wait! I just love your photos BJ! And.....your baby picture is toooooo cute!!!!

  10. That's one great Kleenex box cover! You are the lucky one to have a great friend who is so kind! That polka dot pitcher is great too. Have a great rest of the week!

  11. Your new items are very nice. Love your header it looks so spring like. You are lucky to have such a nice friend to buy you things you love. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. Such a lovely collection of treasured gifts and purchases - all so pretty bj.
    Love the tissue box cover - quite posh compared to regular boring looking versions.
    I love polka dots - especially black and white - and you will never lose that bold coffee mug!

    Hugs - Mary

  13. BJ lucky you to have Barbara as a friend. Great Rooster and as always gorgeous photography. Cool header!
    Be happy, be well sending hugs your way!

  14. Fun thrifty purchases and gifts! That's a great price for the snow white flatware!

  15. BJ and interesting and eclectic collection of simple things...gotta love that friend!

  16. Such adorable new things to add to the summer house! I think I have a dollar general near me, got to check for the flatware!

  17. What?! I have to eat a tulip or a kleenex? No food?! Anywhere?! LOL! You obviously saw my fluffy self. Fun new things for The Summer House. Cutie Pie pics of you through the years in your sidebar...

  18. You know, bj, it is all those small things that make up the big picture and puts a smile on your face. I love your new cup and that Kleenex box cover is great! What fun. Hope you have a wonderful day-xo Diana

  19. I always like Dollar General, they have some neat stuff sometimes.

  20. I just came from the grocery store ... looked at the fresh flowers ... wanted to buy some, but just did not. Everything looks better with fresh flowers.
    Love the rooster picture. I bet you can get a full days worth of caffeine with just one cup. Love your pictures on the sidebar too, especially the baby with the cute smile.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  21. What a sweet friend you have, great eye for beauty too:) Big Lots/Dollar store... gotta love a beautiful bargain! Enjoy your day dear B.J. HUGS!

  22. Those are pretty little treasure
    that gets more endearing as the years go by.
    So nice to have such a friend.
    I have lots of rooster design accents in my home too ♥

  23. What a sweet friend to find and bring you such goodies. Those kinds of friends are hard to come by.

  24. What a blessing to have a friend like Barbara! I love the pictures of you on your sidebar and your family in the footer! I’m so glad you linked it with us at Thursday Favorite Things!

  25. You have the gift of taking this 'n that and creating pure beauty! Love all your black and white touches...

  26. Everything is sooooo pretty :-) Love your style.

  27. What fun little items!! Isn't it funny how the little things make us happy??

  28. I had such a good time catching up with you this morning, bj. Your posts are always so much fun :)

    Barbara sounds like a great friend to have.

    Here's the link to Mary's Blog: By the way... what ever happened to her?


  29. Aren't you lucky to have such a thoughtful friend with great taste! Love the black and white dot pitcher and I'll have to remember to go in Big Lots, never shop there~

  30. I have always been it is the little things in life that are more important person.

  31. Love the tissue box...I buy for the boxes too. I use a tall mug as well and have to slide the bottom part out of the Keurig. Wish they would make them in pink :)) Thanks for your visit and i am now following you .

  32. You have the most inspirational posts. You are amazing with your photos. Everything is so pretty!!


  33. Beautiful photos! Excellent selection for the first day of spring!

  34. Good morning bj, Your friend loves you and it is obvious why. You have to be a good friend to have good friends. I love your gifts and your special treasures you shared. We only use the tall cups and I am 'running' to Big Lots to hopefully find some tall cups. We have very few brand stores in our small town so I am thankful to have a Big Lots. Since we live in the mountains it is a 14 mile trip to Big Lots. I think I will Drive. LOL

    Note: I must tell you I have finally decided to go grey. Yikes, I really miss my red hair. Sigh! I need to put up a more recent photo huh? The current one was taken last November.

    Have a wonderful week.
    Love, me... who is very happy to be your sister friend. xo

  35. Hello BJ, Stopping by to wish you a happy Spring and Pink Saturday. I love all those roosters/chickens. I just started to collect them for my dining room. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  36. Lovely pictures, love your polka dot flower vase :)

  37. What great gifts you received and what great new finds too! I just love huge coffee mugs....I drink out of one every morning and then claim I only have one cup a day! Great post!

  38. That makes you tissues look great! Thanks for joining HSH!


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