Monday, December 1, 2014

MORE...??? Good Grief

but, I'm showing you things I've either bought lately
or did an "after" of a "before"
they are ALL black and white.

I've had this mirror for about 15 years...
maybe a tad bit longer...
I was sick of looking at it....tired of GRAPES.

It fit pretty good in my olden house...

but I was after a different look in this newer space. was time to tweak a mirror...

SOOO, I did THIS to it and 
Mr. Sweet's eyes rolled so far back in his head, I doubted he would ever see STRAIGHT again....

I said, "it's gonna be really pretty"
He said, " Sure..??"

 and it SWORE it would help me make that
into a 

can u see it yet...??

THEN, this little adorable STRAY
Mackenzie*Childs lid said....

"just give me a chance...I KNOW i can
help your poor, pitiful Plain Jane become
something you will want to take to your grave with you..."
(my casket is getting full with Christmas ribbon, family treasures and now a mirror..O, Dear..)

Let me explain how I happened to have a beautiful, hand painted lid in my possession.
The original lid on my Mackenzie*Childs   (I love using that word) tea kettle 
was made before the new designed lids came out and it the little decorative top became loose.
When I got in touch with the company about it, they just sent me a brand new, better designed questions asked.
(they are a fabulous company)

after adding all the little parts to that ole mirror...

It has, with that adorable lid, the whimsey that
Mackenzie*Childs  is famous for.

These Mackenzie*Childs pieces are not only full of fun and whimsey but
works of art....and VERY VERY expensive.

When I find a chance to copycat them in ANY way, I try my best to do it...

It blends right in with the other items in this dining room corner..'s taking me awhile to get used to this transformation...

one day, I like it...
the next day I am thinking,

It looks pretty cute with this adorable red and white
jingle bell wreath...

got the little wreath for $2.00 at...

...and a little WELCOME with SNOWFLAKES on it.
No WONDER I grabbed it up, looking all around, with humped shoulders
and skipping all the way to the cashier....
(it takes such a little to make me happy..)

a brand new sign that I stop to read 2 or 3 times a day....

 Our girl gave me this beautiful MC
piece for Christmas a few years ago...

...can't tell you how much I love it.
A VERY favorite piece.

"Thank you again, Stacy."

No matter what I serve on this beautiful piece, it is always a

I especially love serving those DELICIOUS FRENCH

Oh HoNeY.....sooo good.

Our sun-filled, morning dining room...


  1. I love the mirror make over -- it is so you -- full of whimsy!!!! Sally

  2. goodness help you if you ever get tired of b&w... ;)

  3. bj I luv luv the mirror. So cute, and whimsical! Just makes me happy to see it in your adorable home. And a red & white jingle bell wreath, score!

  4. Your mirror is stunning, it loves being near the picture gallery. Love the pops of colour. Wonderful.

  5. Your mirror make over is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

    You know I never really knew of Mackenzie's Child till this past summer - did a home and garden tour with our women's club group and there was the most amazing house and her entire kitchen and surrounding areas were chalk full in every space something MC! Everyone was freaking out. I had no idea, you know me with my no color/ no whimsy mellow universe I live I went home and looked it up and was SHOCKED. I can't believe this lady would even let people in to see her home with so many pieces. She had hundreds of them EVERYWHERE your eye looked. I so wish I would have taken a picture, but I just didn't KNOW!

    Anyway, I will never ever look at it the same, love your pieces and absolutely am thrilled with your mirror - it even looks perfect with your place mats! : - ) Well done, bj. Hugs.

  6. BJ, your mirror is awesome! Putting that little lid up on the top was such a great idea! I love all of your black and white. The sunlight pouring through the windows sure is pretty.

  7. I am speechless!!!! WHAT a transformation!!!! You GO, Girl!!!!!
    Loved seeing your home! You are one creative gal, all right!
    That lid!!! Oh, that LID takes the prize!!! No, YOU take the prize in using that
    LID in such an adorable way!!!
    Look out! There's no stopping you now! Poor Mr. Sweets!

  8. Love your mirror! You did a fabulous job! Love your dining room too. Just beautiful!

  9. I love it, BJ! I think you did an amazing job!

  10. I'm not a blogger, just a reader. I looove reading your blog. The mirror is AWEsum!! Your ability to "copycat" causes me to look at things differently. Thank you for the fun you give us that visit you. Shirley

    1. My dear SHIRLEY..not a blogger and you are a NO REPLY emailer so I have no other way to say THANK YOU so much for your visits and your sweet comment. I do hope you will come back by this post and read this comment back to you. AND...maybe you can get an email address showing up so I can email you.
      Thanks again and hope your have the merriest of Christmas.
      xo bj

  11. You did a great job on redoing the mirror. It goes quite well with your other pieces. I love you sun filled dining room. Everything looks great . Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  12. Are you kidding me!? You get the genius award for using that Duck Tape, I wouldn't have thought of it in a million years but it looks absolutely gorgeous now! I love the transformation and if I can find one thing to use that checked duck tape on I am going to do it! Wow, for someone who says they aren't crafty or artistic you couldn't be more wrong. It is MC worthy!

  13. You are amazing! Your mirror is wonderful. What did hubby think? I'm so glad to see a view of your room - it is so inviting and lovely!

  14. Wow bj! You are soooo creative with the duct tape!! What a great makeover on your mirror I to a MC look alike. Way toooo cute!

  15. Well BJ you performed magic with duct tape! I too love black and white. Very whimsicial makeover of your mirror, adore the jingle bell wreath!

  16. I had to go back and forth to see what you did, you clever gal! What does Mr. Sweet think now? That duct tape was would not be fun to paint all those little checks. It is a beauty and fits right in.

  17. You make everything warm and cozy. Not to mention very colorful, artistic and delightful!

  18. Hi BJ - of course you can take my link list from my blog. How else do we find great places to visit and share unless we see links somewhere else. Love your blog (and the one you wrote before this one).

  19. The mirror makeover certainly makes a statement. it has a designer presence. Interesting images in this post.

  20. You are one clever girl! I love the mirror makeover and I'd have never thought to use duct tape. Your dining area looks fabulous!

  21. Clever! The mirror is adorable, BJ. I'm busy fluffing for Christmas and there is a lot of black and white check around. '-)
    Will share photos soon!

  22. I'd say the mirror fits perfectly right on. You are so creative. I'd love to be able to design and redesign my own room.

  23. I'm in love with it all. Really and truly crazy-pants in love. The minute you showed in what direction you were going with the mirror, I knew that I was going to love it.

  24. I love your mirror makeover! Duct tape comes in some amazing patterns. Your morning room looks so bright and cozy. Have a great day!

  25. May I please have a beignet this morning? I think you are extremely artistic in designing or shall we say reinventing your mirror! WOW! Excellent job!! You have a lovely home BJ....thank you ever so much for sharing a peek! Happy December!

  26. Love the "Jingle Bell Wreath". Some of the most interesting objects can be found at thrift stores and flea markets. And the prices just can't be beat. Have a blessed day.

  27. B.J. I love it. I'm loving seeing the Summer house come along. Do we get a tour soon. I'd love to feature you on my Come Home to the Country home tour sometime.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,

    Cottage Making Mommy

  28. You did that? It looks professional! I love the change and it's perfect in your home.

  29. Lovely mirror, love it! Great job. I love the ji gle bell in it too, really pops!

  30. OMGosh...I love it ALL! That mirror is just so very eye catching after the transformation! I almost cried when I read your new sign...such a beautiful message there. I noticed you also have a lovely new header :)

  31. Beautiful transformation bj. Fits in perfectly with the other things in that corner.
    Hope Mr. Sweet likes it once it is finished.
    Happy Christmas.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  32. I love your style, BJ! I love what you did with duct tape! Genius! The mirror is so YOU! ♥

    1. Dear Martha Ellen...thank you so much for coming by with such a sweet comment.
      Since you are a NO REPLY emailer and not a blogger, I have no way to get in touch with you...other than here. So I am hoping you stop back by and read comments to see this one to you.
      Merry Christmas..

  33. Oh, my goodness...I just love it ALL! What a talent you are!

  34. Holy cannoli girl the make over is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks awesome! Great job and insight. Love, love it! Can you tell me about all the pictures on the wall...are they all seperate black frames? I love that look too! XO, Pinky

  35. Hi BJness! Oh, honey, your mirror is just gorgeous! I love love love it and the little lid looks like it was supposed to be there! That is really a pretty piece your daughter gave you too and I'll take one of those goodies sitting so politely on it! ;) You're gooder than gold!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  36. The mirror looks so much better

  37. You are definitely the black and white girl!

  38. BJ, you did a fabulous job on that mirror! Wow, I can't believe the transformation! You are so good at that!

  39. bj,

    I may have said this before, you are very creative.
    I love all of your creativeness.
    I also notice it in your sidebar.

    Merry Christmas!

  40. BJ, such a clever idea and perfect for you in every way. Love it..Happy Tuesday..Judy


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