Saturday, December 27, 2014

♥ hello to all......ODDS & ENDS

 Mr. Sweet and I are so so very thankful to have had another wonderful
with our beautiful family.

It will take me a bit to get all my holiday photos ready for posting
but I wanted to share what's going on here this morning...(12/27/14)

A late Christmas snow...
you can't see the flakes falling here but it's really coming down hard
as I type.

I was thrilled to receive this adorable CHRISTMAS pillow the day after
I didn't expect it until January.
I'll keep it in it's plastic coat until next CHRISTMAS....
Isn't it just about the cutest thing you've ever seen ???
I LOVE IT to the moon and back. 
oops...nearly forgot to tell you to GO HERE to purchase this cutie. 

I have some great photos of our family holiday togetherness
and after I get all the decorations packed away for another year...
and I get my home looking normal again,
I will work on posts.

...a pretty snow enhanced with PIC MONKEY EDITING... fun....
"ain't  life  grand !!"


  1. That pillow is darling! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas.

  2. BJ, I love your new pillow. You have such an up beat touch to your post today, I just love it. You are counting your blessings here. xoxo,Susie

  3. Snow for Christmas, how great! Love the pillow. I always enjoy cookie bake day with my Grands! Love your header.

  4. I would take that pillow out and enjoy it for a while. Fooey on waiting!

  5. I love that pillow! Snow? In Texas? Haha, we haven't even had any in Michigan! How often dos THAT happen!?

  6. Adorable pillow! So happy you had a great Christmas!

  7. BJ,
    Love the sweet little pillow and your baked egg dish .... Total yum. Enjoy the quiet and un-Christmasing your bright, cheery and happy home.

  8. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. So did I! I just feel so blessed. Now that is an adorable little pillow! You mean we gotta take down all of our decorations!? ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. What a wonderful holiday! Merry Christmas sweet friend! Hugs, Diane

  10. I've enjoyed your Christmas posts BJ! I wish you and your family all the best in 2015.

  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (BIRTHDAY) to you. Snow is always fun when you warm and toasty! Your girls are too cute! Hey went to check out pillow purchase and sent me to another blog. Is it from Pottery Barn??? No snow on this side of Texas just cold and wind blowing.
    Enjoy the snow and keep warm..******<:)****

  12. Ooh, I am loving your snowfall. It looks so pretty. And, your new pillow is adorable. I found a couple of new things for next Christmas, too.

    Happy Pink Saturday, dear BJ.

  13. Aren't you lucky to get snow. I always love a white Christmas season. We have very mild and warm weather here in Richmond but that feels good too. Happy New Year!!!

  14. Weather over here wasn't cold at all. A chilly wind here and there. Today it feels like late August.

  15. SNOW in West Texas!!!! Now that's hard to believe!!! Rain here in North Texas and it looks as if we are in for a very MILD winter!
    Happy New Year, BJ!

  16. Lovin' your new pillow BJ! Funny, Texas has snow and it's almost 60 degrees in Philly today!!! Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas:@)

  17. Snow! Wow...enjoy it while it lasts. Love that pillow!

  18. Love the pillow! Snow is Texas...I love it! And how do you make the egg fish? How many eggs, milk, cheese etc? I have everything just not sure how to put it all together! It looks scrumpous!


  19. Your new pillow is adorable. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas. I did also. Enjoy the snow. It is raining here. I have got all my Christmas put away for another year. I will be putting my snowmen out for the month of January. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  20. Love that adorable pillow . . .
    Your egg dish looks yummy!
    Snow you say, lucky you, . . . we have none here in Michigan!

  21. We had lots of rain in the days leading up to Christmas making it quite cold.
    However, would you believe, it was in the 70's on Christmas Day.
    A white Christmas is always a welcome sight.

    Looks like your doing some re-modeling with your blog. Love your header picture.
    Happy (early) birthday. You look great! xoxo

  22. That new pillow is darling! And I love a white Christmas - or day after. So glad you had a nice Christmas with your family. Ours was nice and filled with sweet memories.

  23. hi BJ ... so much fun seeing your 'girl' have so much fun with the cookies. Oh how I loved having our grandson help me bake sugar cookies. He enjoyed cutting a big one right out of the middle of the dough and eating raw dough. So happy you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy Birthday and happy New Year.
    Audrey Z.

  24. Oh what fun BJ - looks like they were having such fun. So glad that you had a great Christmas.
    I'm leaving my decoration up until the weekend after New Years - want to enjoy it a little longer since it took mr forever to decorate.
    Have a wonderful New Year.

  25. Merry Belated Christmas to you, dear BJ! Love your family pics, the beautiful snow and that pillow!

    Love to you!

    Jane xx

  26. Brr, are you going swimming in the pool? Cute pillow, I agree. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  27. Look forward to seeing your Christmas photos. Love the pillow. Happy New Year!

  28. Yes it's the cutest pillow ever! What a darling purchase! Everything looks so good...the dusting of snow, the marvelous breakfast casserole and your snowman picture! How festive!!! Happy to hear that you had a grand Christmas day! How blessed! And now a special birthday? Marvelous!!!!

  29. BJ,
    I'm sure I was a "GOOD GIRL" this year. . .
    but YOU got our SNOW and we had nearly 50 degree weather here on the Prairie!!!
    Love that you and "Mr. Sweet" had another amazing Christmas!!!
    Looking forward to seeing what's in store @ Sweet Nothings in 2015!!!


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