Friday, November 14, 2014


Hello everyone... is getting so close to THANKSGIVING...
and then, right around the corner,
This is such a busy time of the year and don't we love it to pieces !!

THIS is WHO and WHAT...
aren't they so adorable.... ?

They are so dang cute, they seem almost REAL....

Really....seriously.....♥ ♥ ♥

it's all I can do not to pick
one up and give it a little kiss every time I walk by them.

They both have their BLING on but I can't seem to get a sparkly photo...

I just love these little owls to pieces...

This one is WHO, I think....

and this one must be WHAT...
and,  LOOK....
On our weekend trip, friends took me to the neatest store I've ever been to 
in my entire life...
and I swear everything in the store was made with  ME in mind.
Black and white lovelies all over the place...
cute little owls of all kinds....
I walked into the store and, standing in one place, could see 28 things I wanted
before I ever took another step.

I have some more things I brought home from there
to show you soon.
I'm getting quite the menagerie of cute little animals around Sweet Nothings.



  1. Adorable . . . and such a cute post!
    WHO and WHAT sparkled just fine for me . . .

  2. Oh dear, I am not sure Who or What is the cutest:) Enjoy your day sweet B.J. HUGS!

  3. Yes, you ARE and I love them, TOO!

  4. Who and What are so darn cute...just like you bj!!

  5. Adorable and I want to go to Lizzie Mae's LOL

    I have been trying not to buy anything else for my hosue till I get rid of all my extra vintage things piled up now

  6. I love your new Who and What owls, bj. They're a great addition to your home sweet home!

  7. In my cabin I have decorated with some owls. But yours are much cuter! So cute!

  8. Okay- I am sorry to be the one to tell you this-but you need ONE more owl-so you can have WHO, WHAT & WHERE! They are so cute. I love the menagerie you are creating there and the best part is you don't have to feed, water or walk them! Hope you have a GREAT day! xo Diana

  9. Just love those cute little Owls, I am seeing them everywhere!

  10. I've always liked owls, and these are especially cute! I'm also a tad envious of the cow and pig portraits. LOL They are gorgeous! (but then, I've said that before.) Have a wonderful and cozy weekend, BJ.

  11. Who and What how amazingly cute! Have a wonderful weekend BJ!

  12. Bj, If it was my mom , she would need , Where, When and go along with Who and What. We always said those were mommy's leading question. LOL. I do like the bling on those owls. Glad you found a cute place to shop. Enjoy your weekend, xoxo,Susie

  13. Who on first and now I know where What is..ha ha!! love you my Sister friend..hugs Gloria

  14. Adorable! Where is this cute store? Black and white goodies you say?
    Sassy Hugs back at you, BJ.

  15. The owls are cute BJ, lovin' the bling:@)

  16. Soooo cute! I have been liking owls a lot lately - it started last Christmas when I picked up an owl for my sister who had fallen in love with them. I am your newest follower Happy Pink Saturday!

  17. We both still have a lot of country in us.

  18. Who and What are so darn cute. What is it about owls that just make me smile. Have a wonderful weekend bj!

  19. they are cute little owls

    they also remind me of the owl statues you can get in the backyard to act like a scarecrow.

  20. WHO Cute ?... cute WHERE ? .... both are cute with their sparkles and they are WHERE they belong ... in with your decor.
    Funny how just little things can make us happy. Enjoy your Fall with Winter weather.
    Stay warm.
    Audrey Z @ Timeless Treasures

  21. BJ Who and What are special little guys. I think they are worth a kiss or two. Don't you just love finding a store that is just perfect for you!!..Happy Weekend..Judy

  22. Love your owls...they are adorable littler critters...thank you for sharing...HPS Michelle

  23. so cute!!!! You had better stay out of that store before you end up with your own adorable zoo!! : ) Have a great weekend.

  24. Who and What are way to cute. I would have brought them home with me too.

  25. Cute stuff, BJ. I want to go to that store too!...Christine

  26. These owls are adorable! I can see why you could not resist buying them!

  27. Oh indeed they are a precious two little owls. I just love them!

  28. Let's have WHO and WHAT. We need to know the location of WHERE and WHEN so you can have them all! :)


  29. Owls reminder me of my oldest sister. I lost her in 2001 but she was a gem and said owls brought good luck! Your sparkly friends are cute as can be!

  30. I just love WHO and WHAT and yes they do have their bling on :)


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