Monday, November 24, 2014

The Dirty Low-Down BLACK AND WHITE of it all...

 hope all is well in your world......
things sure aren't good in our news and it is so depressing....Everyone wondering what the Grand Jury will rule on for Ferguson, MO.
We all need to really pray hard for every one concerned there.

Let's just quit watching it for today and read blogs...
sounds like a plan to me.

I have two new things in this new things, really, that I haven't shared with you as yet.

You might remember that I went shopping in an AWESOME gift shop not long ago
  and bought those adorable,

OWLS named WHO and WHAT...
(i am searching hi and low for WHEN and WHERE)

That same store that just about brought me to my knees
with all their amazing things for sale ALSO had

a floor lamp that I want to run away with and marry...
I am so in Black and White Checks Love, I can hardly stand my silly self.

I tied my little silver cross with the lone star
(remember....I am a TEXAN from the Lone Star State)
with a checked ribbon and wanna kiss it every time I walk by.

The Little Lamp That Was
really added warmth to this corner of our dining room.

Don't you love it when you're shopping, not looking for anything in particular,
you walk up the wooden stairs in the absolute adorable shop you're in
and, the top of the stairs is THE LAMP you didn't even know you wanted.?
meee, too !!!
Hope you'll come back to see me soon and I'll tell you about the other neat things I found in that very store....

I'll put on the tea kettle on ......

 you can choose what you'd like from my SNACK TRAY...
and we'll talk about it.
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  1. I love your little owls and hope you can find their siblings some day. :) The lamp is sweet and I also noticed your photo wall and like it a lot. I'll be there for tea and snacks!!

  2. I love brown and I love black, but I would never have thought to put the two together. You have and it looks great! The lamp is very classy and the owls are so cute and textured. I hear you about Ferguson. I'm going to watch DWTS and sail away. Have a fun evening...

  3. That is the sweetest lamp ever, BJ. And, it goes perfect with your framed family photos. Lovely. Tea...great. And I'll have the rice krispie square, please. :)

  4. I will have the Fortune Cookie, please!!!

  5. Lovin your new items, ma'am! Your new floor lamp is AWESOME!!!!


  6. Love the lamp. How great to find such wonderful items. Love all your black and white.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. You did get some pretties, and I really like your photo wall.
    I have a vintage candy jar where I put packs of crackers, fortune cookies, etc.. Cleaned it out recently and threw away 2 or 3 fortune cookies, as knew I had not had chinese in some time,so pretty sure there were past their prime.
    Wishing you and yours a Very Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. That photo wall!!!!! Have I missed a post about it? Love, love the little peeks of it.

  9. When you find something you just love when you're not even shopping for anything - it's an unwritten rule that you must purchase it! I like the new lamp and I've seen the kettle you painted before. Do put it on for tea please, I'll be sticking my hand in the jar with cookies to have with mine thanks.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday BJ.

  10. So you've found Who and What, but WHY haven't you found When and Where?

  11. You are on a decorating roll, BJ! I love that lamp and the owls are adorable.

  12. bj that lamp is adorable and more than perfect for you. And all Texans love the 'lone star' even if we live elsewhere! As my Mama says, "Once a Texan, always a Texan"

  13. Delight you are . . .
    I am in love with black and white check now too . . .

  14. Thanks for the snacks. Blogging is my happy place. I don't talk politics or even read blogs that are overtly political. So yeah, I do have an opinion or ten, but this ain't my place for it. Thanks for giving me something beautiful to look at. Happy Thanksgiving.

  15. I love your adorable lamp and teapot, bj! Your whole house looks so pretty! That snack tray would be dangerous for me to have on my counter as I'd be dipping into it all the time--lol!

  16. I love black and white too! Love those cute little owls, my daughter is making a wreath out of them! Can' t wait to see it when she's finished. That teapot is pretty also, I would love to shop in that store!

  17. Black & White, classic beauty. Your dining is gorgeous. You are right with that floor lamp, it really fies look good in there. Your kettle's probably having found a relative :) Oh and the owls of course, they're cute.

  18. I need you to come decorate my new house! I bet your bill would be a bit lower than my decorator! That lamp makes me smile! I also like the wall of photos. We have a long hallway upstairs that where we are hanging family pictures. I told my husband I wanted to wait and buy matching frames. He didn't understand. I will show him this. Happy Thanksgiving! Janey

  19. Love that lamp! It looks like it was made for you! That wall of family photos is AWESOME! I don't know how in the world you got them lined up SO perfect! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  20. That lamp had your name on it. It is very nice. Every thing looks great. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  21. Nice MacKenzie-Childs tea kettle. Thanks for sharing.

  22. I can't wait to see more! I love your new lamp - it's perfect! Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

  23. I never stop loving black and white. So crisp and versatile and beautiful! I love the lamp, but my eye was drawn to that mirror! Be still my heart, it's absolutely gorgeous:>)

  24. I am loving the black and white checked. I also like the photos with black and white.
    Can I please have a lollipop?

    Thanks for the heads up on cast iron. xoxo

  25. Wonderful spirit in your sensitive post! Lovely aspects to depict feelings related to things... Lovely! Have a great week of november!

  26. bj ... the lamp is just perfect for your house ... really pretty there by that outstanding mirror. Can't blame you for falling in love with it.
    Lovely home and I know you are so proud of it.
    Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  27. Really love the new lamp, BJ. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  28. LUV the lamp!!! But what really caught my eye was your cleverness on the top of your mirror - cute idea!!

  29. Hi BJ Thank goodness you've got the kettle on and the snack ready as you know I've had one 'ell of a week! I'm glad I managed to give you a chuckle, my 20 yr old daughter told me off for the sausages comment said it was quite unnecessary... So I'm here now and loving your place especially your cute owls who and what and the black and white around the place wot I'd call trendy and elegant :)
    Now be a darling and pass me that fortune cookie from the bottom of your jar, I've got another business trip lined up with my husband and I want to know whether I should stay at home - LOL
    Wren x

  30. That lamp works perfect with the rest of the black and white decor...


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