Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Pioneer Woman aka One of my Heros

A friend let me read Ree's book and I read it in one night....
couldn't put it down...
It's a very light read and as cute as it can be....
you'll like it, I'm sure.

My darling daughter gave me the cookbook
for Easter and I LOVE it.

I am reading it from cover to cover.

I can see why Ree Drummond is so successful, not only with cooking but in everything she does.

The cutest personality, ever.

NOW, if you like your cobbler with JUICE...  then you may not care for this one.
It's more cake like.....

THIS one is very tasty...QUICK, as it only has FEW ingredients....using
SELF RISING FLOUR is the shortcut for this delightful TREAT.
Instead of real sugar,
I did use the IDEAL BROWN SUGAR sub....
and it is O SO GOOD. 

Most any fruit makes a great cobbler...
and I had plenty of strawberries.

We like our cobbler full of juice and made with PIE CRUST...
and altho THIS one is a little different, it was delicious.

Do ya'll like the PIONEER WOMAN recipes as much as I do...?

Her cookbooks and blog are full of muffins and cupcakes...

and I especially love
and I always like a handful of pecans thrown in the mix... 

I didn't add the topping PW does...
but, I will the next time.

...a delicious BlueBerry Muffin
served on a gorgeous little plate that belonged to my

 What I Accomplished Wed.
Whats It Wed.
Full Plate Thurs.


  1. I love the Pioneer Woman, too. I have her cookbooks & try to catch her show whenever I can. I've made her blackberry cobbler before & it was good! Your strawberry cobbler looks delish too and I love your mama' s beautiful dish.

  2. I'll put that book on my wish list. I love Ree....she's such a sweetheart and feels like a very best girlfriend. Love the photos at the top of your blog of you and your daughter wearing the necklace. How precious! Sweet hugs!

  3. I love the pioneer women too and cobblers. Yours looks so good!

  4. I read the story in the installments on her blog and very much enjoyed it. The first cookbook I have. This one I do not. There's a reason why she's at the top right up there with you, BJ! ☺

  5. It looks delicious, BJ! She seems like a sweet gal.

  6. You know, it took me a bit to get used to her. But now, she is my favorite. I so love Charley!

  7. I don't watch her show regularly, but I do have 2 of her cookbooks. LOVE them.

    I didn't know she had written a novel. I definitely want to look for that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


  8. Oh, those muffins and cobblers look awesome! I love Ree! Mom and I watch all the shows...even the ones we've seen many times. I love the farm things since I grew up on a farm, and we still live on it...just don't do any work on it any more... I enjoyed her book about the courtship, too. It was her original blog, I think... I bought it on my iTunes and she reads it... I loved that! I think she's very generous and real. Your food shots are prettier than any magazine!

  9. Oh- I LOVE Ree! And I love her cookbooks and her stories that accompany everything. She is so much fun. My DIL got me her latest cookbook for Christmas and I just love it- xo Diana

  10. Oh, I simply adore The Pioneer Woman. I stumbled across her blog several years ago, and she was the one who inspired me to start a blog. I started reading her story before she had even finished the book -- she had the first part of it online. I have both of her cookbooks and Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. I have made that blackberry cobbler several times with different berries -- it is so good!

  11. I love PW! She is a doll and has such a great personality. I've been reading her blog a long time and read the installments of her story she had published. I also have 2 of her cookbooks, and oh my! The recipes are sooo good...all that buttah! I'm loving that they now say butter is better for you than margarine! Your recipes and food photos are wonderful, too, bj!

  12. I'd love the cakey cobbler! I've been following the PW forever, she's the ultimate bloggy success story:@)

  13. Mmmm....that looks so good! Now I want a muffin! Loving your banner photo at the top! How cute are you and the girls?!

  14. Yummy!! I can see why you love those cookbooks. Love the pretty picture of your daughter and you .

  15. Thanks for sharing these wonderful recipes with us. Your pictures make me want to gobble the food right off the internet. lol. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. I love her show, it is fabulous and I definitely need one of her cookbooks.

  17. I TiVo Ree's show all the time so that I can watch several of them all together while cuddled up under the covers in my pi's a cup of tea in my hand and Bentley curled up at my feet. My husband sleeps through the shows, but he loves the recipes I learn from them.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  18. I love that show, too. She is amazing, a real down home cook.
    p.s. Stop on by, we're always ready to party!

  19. My hero too. I have a post in draft titled 'My Go To Girl'...
    Enjoyed your post. Made me hungry! LOL.
    Have a wonderful Thursday. I'll be posting Alphabet Thursday Letter C. Come see me.

  20. I love Pioneer Woman...she is amazing! The cobbler looks so yummy!


  21. Did ya check out my lemony blueberry muffin recipe? I love it with lemon zest and juice.... it just adds that special something...

  22. Brought the page over for you.


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  24. The recipe sounds yummy. I am loving all the fresh fruit available in the stores right now. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great weekend!
    Blessings, Deborah

  25. I love PW, I have her first cookbook and check her blog all the time. That cobbler looks great and if it's one of her recipes I'm sure it came out delicious!


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