Saturday, December 7, 2013

Vintage Christmas Decos

Hi, Everybody...'s been cold here.
and little ice...
a lot of cold wind.

But,'s WINTERTIME, after all....

So many great Christmas parties going on...
and I want to play.

I don't have a LOT of vintage things for Christmas.....but, a few....

My vintage pine mantel is one of my favorite things on this planet.
I love decorating it for all occasions and ESPECIALLY at

(I'm not quite finished with it yet so will show you more in another post. 

This little SANTA, with
belonged to my mom.

It's been on my tree for almost 30 years
and, even tho he isn't all that pretty,
he will go to one of the kids someday.

Traditions and memories and keepsakes
are such a huge part of

This little felt stocking with my son's name on it was made
for him by a home room mother for a  CHRISTMAS PARTY
when he was in 1st grade.

He's a mighty handsome and sweet almost 50 now....
and that little stocking has been on our tree all those years.
When he wants it, it will go on HIS tree.

How cute is this PINK FELT
stocking with our daughter's
initials in GOLD.....

she also got this at a school party in the 1st grade.....she is 44 now...
and I've treasured it all these years.

"Memories are made of this......."


XOXO, bj 

Pink Sat
Seasonal Sun
Sunday Best


  1. BJ, cold here too! ;-)
    Fun seeing your vintage stockings. I put our tree up this evening and finished decorating. Christmas is going to be here before we know it. '-)

  2. Hi Bj, I love the stockings so cute and in great shape after all the years!

  3. Oh yes...they are indeed. You keep your treasures so beautifully. I'm amazed at the pristine pink stocking for example. Is the thumbs up Santa any connection to the Fonz? How fun that it was your mother's. Have you asked for the dream yet?

    Gosh. Until I saw your post, I had forgotten all about the significance of this day. I'll remember now...

  4. the stockings are precious keepsakes.

  5. I love the old ornaments that mean so much to us! Thanks for sharing your sweet tree! Stay warm!

  6. I have several vintage Christmas decorations. Rarely use them as they are full of memories. How blessed we are, if we keep our mind, that is all you have. It is so cold and covered in ice. My favorite rose bush crashed due to the ice weight. Some people trees have fallen. Paper said the worst is yet to come.

  7. It's cold here too, but that's much more common where I am than where you are! Aren't the old children's ornaments just the best? That stocking with the toes just cracks me up:>)

  8. Sweet memories bj ... glad that you have kept the stockings and someday, hopefully your "grandloves" will thank you too. Your mantel is beautiful too. I am working so hard to get to a stopping place on redoing the walls form the plumbing repairs so I can take my Fall decorations down and get started on Christmas. You have really inspired me, so maybe this weekend. Don't have a bunch of pretty stockings, but some very old decorations. Have to keep it simple this year.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  9. The stockings are so cute nice keepsakes to pass them on later. I enjoy seeing other peoples decorations and hearing about their memories. Have a blessed day. It is cold here also. Madeline

  10. Oh BJ, what wonderful, precious keepsakes and memories!!!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  11. Sweet treasures! They are always so special to see on the tree. I have a few precious keepsakes and lovingly place them on our tree each year.
    Have a wonderful weekend. It is cold here, but we've escaped the snow and ice, so far.

  12. Oh, I wished I had saved more vintage pieces. But I didn't. I have a few, but they are truly my favs!!

  13. BJ,
    Loved seeing your Vinatge Christmas decor, dear friend!!!
    Those stockiings tug at my heart!!!

  14. Cold here too bj, but the new fallen snow is gorgeous! Like you say, it's Winter. Your stockings are so cute and it's the memories that make them extra special! I know I have seen a Santa like that. Now I'm wondering where. lol! Thanks for sharing at Carlene's for her Vintage 'Creating Christmas'!

  15. Hi BJ, those school-made ornaments are the best, aren't they? I still have one my first grade teacher made, she made one for each student, with our individual class picture on it and the year made out in beads. Love it! Merry Christmas - Dawn @ We Call It

  16. I love all of your Christmas decor! It's so fun to pull out sweet memories each year to display. I love family traditions and this is a great season for them.
    Mary Alice

  17. Thanks for linking up Bj and sharing your vintage decorations! Your children's stockings are precious!

  18. Thanks for sharing your sweet Christmas memories BJ. Love the pink stocking!

  19. I love precious Christmas memories. I just put out a few things today that my son made for me when he was little.

    Happy Pink Saturday, dear BJ. I am starting a holiday home tour. I hope you will come by to visit.


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